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Weather-wise, UAE experiences all seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn

The climate of United Arab Emirates (UAE) features a desert climate with hot summers and cool winters. Most days are sunny and pleasant except the middle of the summer season (i.e. July and August) when it’s very hot in UAE.

The most pleasant period to visit and travel around UAE is during winter season which runs from October to March the weather is moderate and pleasant making it ideal to go for sightseeing Tour or indulge in outdoor activities.

The spring and autumn months are also great times to visit United Arab Emirates (UAE). Spring months are from March to May when the temperature begins its steady climb towards the summer peaks and autumn months starts from September as temperatures begin to fall steadily.

Winter season in UAE

Tourists experience the winter season in Dubai between of October to March. This period is considered to be the best with respect to the weather conditions as the temperature comes to a more comfortable level. During the winter season it has an average daytime temperature of 25 °C (77 °F)

The maximum temperature recorded is 30 degrees, while the minimum temperature remains around 15 degrees. Rainfall in Dubai is irregular and does not last for a long period. Dubai experiences short and infrequent rainfall with an annual average of 5 days. It mostly rains during the winter period.

Summer season in UAE:

In UAE, summer starts in late May and lasts till September in UAE. The weather is hot in UAE with temperatures reaching 45 °C (113 °F). The humidity is very high averaging over 90%

Although in summer the weather is hot, you still have few months to take advantage of like May June and September when the temperature is hot but quite bearable.

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