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Tourism and aviation industry professionals can fully enjoy the Emirates with a Seawings special industry discount. Save up to 60% on the price of select tours and marvel at the UAE from a luxurious nine-passenger seaplane. Take off from the water, soar across the skyline and desert, then descend for an elegant water landing. These discounts are offered to allow aviation and tourism industry professionals discover the seaplane experience, an historic mode of travel that’s been touching down in the UAE since the 1930s.

Sightseeing tours unveil the majestic city panoramas, taking you above the architecture that’s become a symbol of futuristic vision. But gaze down and you don’t just see buildings.

The Arabian Gulf glistens beneath the wings then look out the other way to experience the infinite bounty of the desert. These exclusive Dubai tour deals ensure you can enjoy one of the UAE’s premier luxury experiences.

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Note that these deals are only available to aviation and tourism industry professionals. To take advantage, call booking enquiries +97148070708 or email, clearly stating your role within the industry.

  • Aviation and tourism industry professionals enjoy up to 60% discounts on select seaplane tours.
  • Enjoy exclusive offers on the Dubai Silver Tour, Abu Dhabi Snapshot tour and the Classic Seaplane.

Abu Dhabi Snapshot Tour deals

Up to 60% discounts are offered on two Seawings tours of Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Snapshot whisks you off on a 25-minute panoramic journey across the city. Admire iconic architecture like the Emirates Palace and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, wonder at the skyscrapers that skirt the edge of the city’s island, and take in the shimmering azure of the Arabian Gulf. You’ll ascend from the Emirates Palace Hotel and then touch down at Abu Dhabi Yas Marina, or vice versa, a tour that gives a premier perspective on the city. The normal price is AED 895 but aviation and tourism industry professionals can enjoy 60% discounts. Note that add ons like Ferrari world tickets, shopping vouchers, and ground transport.

Abu Dhabi to Abu Dhabi

  • AED 399 per seat for a stand-by seat.
  • AED 895 per seat for a confirmed seat (Published Price).

Classique Tour Deals

You can also fly between the two famous cities of the Emirates with an Abu Dhabi Seaplane Adventure. Depart from the water at Abu Dhabi Yas Island, with the seaplane cruising above world-renowned landmarks before skirting the edge of the Arabian Gulf on its journey north. Kaleidoscopic desert colours ripple out from your private viewing window while the wide comfortable seats provide a luxurious onboard experience. Then the desert blurs into the urban landscape and you enjoy unrivalled views of the Dubai skyline. With this Dubai tour deal you enjoy 30 minutes of flying before touching down at Dubai Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi or Vice Versa (excluding Add-ons)

  • AED 499 per seat for a stand-by seat.
  • AED 899 per seat for a confirmed seat.

Validity: ist September 2015 to 31st August 2016


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