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Since 2007, over 100,000 guests have flown with Seawings on air tours of Dubai and the rest of the Emirates. It’s an experience that imbues the intimate charm and exquisite detail of the UAE’s iconic attractions. And it fully showcases the splendour of cities that are surrounded by scorched desert and shimmering sea.

Besides providing scenic air tours to our guests on our spacious Seawings seaplanes, we also customise private charters that use 24 fully-licensed water landing strips and runways across the Emirates, including the international airports. It’s the ultimate private journey for exclusive experiences or business excursions.

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What does a city do when it already has the world’s busiest airport? Build another international airport, this time with a capacity to handle a staggering 160 million passengers. That’s the inspiring vision of Dubai and the Al Maktoum International Airport. Situated in Jebel Ali, in the Dubai World Central complex, it’s set to become the world’s biggest airport. It’s not fully operational yet, but over 25 airlines already land here while air charters to Dubai World Central offer expedited transfers to Jebel Ali and northern Dubai.
Recently installed as the world’s busiest airport, Dubai International handles a staggering 78 million passengers every year. For international visitors, getting to Dubai International presents unrivalled choice. You could be arriving on one of 7,700 weekly flights from 140 airlines. And getting from the world’s busiest airport also offers a huge array of choice. Here’s how to get to and from Dubai International Airport.
Framed by the lavish colours of Arabia, Dubai Creek Golf Club is one of the UAE’s most timeless destinations. It’s not just the golf course and its mix of lush fairways and scorched sand; it’s a journey along the lush waters of the historic creek, one that’s packed with tropical tones. The premier way to get to Dubai Creek Golf Club is to land on the water itself. Travel by air to Dubai Creek and you touch down on the shimmering expanse of blue, where you can be whisked straight into the Golf Club and all the facilities at the Park Hyatt.
Gazing out across the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Jebel Ali is a place of luxury and exotic promise. Sun loungers await on a palm-fringed beach, a golf course delivers great swathes of green, and an opulent spa helps visitors relax into slumber. Tucked away from the bustle of Dubai, get to Dubai Jebel Ali Hotel Resort & Spa and it’s easy to idyllically wind away your days. Dip into two swimming pools or the golden Arabian waters, or live it up Dubai-style at this five-star family resort. The main question isn’t what to do. It’s how to reach Dubai Jebel Ali.
Let’s not complicate matters. The easiest way to get to Dubai Cruise Terminal is to be travelling on one of the big cruise ships that stops for a day or two in Dubai. Even if you’re not on a long distance ocean journey, or have a cruise departing from the Emirates, getting to Dubai Cruise Terminal remains straightforward. Nestled onto the topaz waters of the Arabian Gulf, the terminal is surrounded by a large industrial area that can be tedious to explore by land, but impressive from the air. So for luxury travel, consider getting to Dubai Cruise Terminal by seaplane transfer.


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