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Abu Dhabi

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The UAE offers far more options than the famous cityscapes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Tucked against the Omani border, Al Ain dances with exotic colours and the red tones of ancient mountains. It’s doused in tradition and history, inspiring a different scent of Arabian culture than what’s found amongst the UAE’s more famous cityscapes. The airport is growing and getting to Al Ain International provides sublime views over this oasis in the desert.
Abu Dhabi Al Bateen is a dedicated private jet airport and the practical base for visitors landing in the Emirates on chartered air transport. Unashamedly luxurious, it’s an airport that’s far from the standard tourist radar. You don’t need your own plane to land here. Seawings operates a fleet of luxury seaplanes that connect passengers to destinations all across the UAE. With the flexibility of landing on water, these seaplane transfer offer travel from Abu Dhabi Al Bateen to an array of coastal destinations and hard to reach places across the Emirates.
Home of the multiple-time winner of the world’s leading airline, Etihad, Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second busiest airport in the UAE. Landing here immediately transports you into the surreal world of Emirates luxury, with lavish terminal buildings and endless rows of opulent shopping. Then you step outside and get hit by the heat of the desert Travel by air from Abu Dhabi International by taking a seaplane transfer to your destination in the UAE. You’re expedited through the airport, onto a private plane that soars across the world-famous landscapes of Arabia.
Abu Dhabi Sir Bani Yas Island revels in its sense of solitude and old-world charm. Sudan cheetahs prowl across the nature reserve, endangered Arabian oryx roam alongside sand gazelles, while the coastline is alive with legendary sea turtles. Standing lonely in the Arabian Gulf, this is a destination that almost everyone wants to visit. But it’s a remote wilderness far from the mainland. So the challenging part is how to get to Sir Bani Yas Island.
Abu Dhabi Yas Marina sparkles from the sky, the marina curving around the hairpins of the grand Prix circuit and some of the world’s most innovative architecture. Gourmet restaurants line the waters and its range of attractions make it the most visited tourist attraction in the city. It’s a destination imbued with an unusual elegance, part tradition and part futuristic design. And the premier way to enjoy its visual bounty is luxury travel by air to Abu Dhabi Yas Marina.
Travel in style and enjoy the ultimate way to get to Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace Hotel. Most guests use the front door. But why fall into the norm when you can land beside a private beach and step straight from a seaplane into one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. A red carpet ensures your shoes don’t get sandy and a variety of extras can be arranged for your arrival. Some luxury travellers get to Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace Hotel by limousine, or luxury chauffeured car. You could arrive in your own chartered plane.


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