Things to See in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi landscape is dominated by epic architecture. Take a scenic Abu Dhabi tour by seaplane and you can appreciate both the intimate detail and staggering scale of these renowned things to see:

  • The 114 domes of the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace are an Arabian architecture showcase and the perfect introduction to how tradition meets modernity in the city.
  • The Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Circuit is intimately revealed when you have a bird’s-eye view, its hairpins and turns sweeping around Yas Island.
  • Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is the world’s biggest theme park and the iconic red roof is absolutely unmissable on an Abu Dhabi air tour.
  • Abu Dhabi Yas Marina is filled with super yachts and a sense of opulence; the views are made even more impressive when you touch down on its waters.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa is surpassed by Capital Gate Tower Abu Dhabi, which has the world record for the furthest leaning manmade tower.

Inspiring Activities in Abu Dhabi

The activities in Abu Dhabi are not museum pieces. This city invites you to explore and really experience tradition.

  • Enjoy a coffee tasting ceremony inside the exquisite domes and marble floors of the Emirates Palace. Or sample some tea in a traditional Bedouin tent on the beach.
  • Take an Abu Dhabi heritage tour and listen to the redolent tales of how the city came to be.
  • Charter a yacht to explore the marina or charter a seaplane and fly across the desert to Dubai.
  • Culinary journeys always come with a twist in Abu Dhabi, including searching for fresh fragrances in the markets and dining in traditional Middle Eastern styles.
  • It’s not particularly Arabian or traditional, but for an afternoon of adrenalin there’s few places like Yas Waterworld or Abu Dhabi Ferrari World.

Weather Chart Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Places of Interest

The logical way to start with Abu Dhabi’s places of interest are the record-breaking attractions. Walk on the world’s biggest carpet in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, check out the myriad of rides at the world’s biggest theme park and go on the world’s fastest rollercoaster (both at Abu Dhabi Ferrari World), then wander through the world’s second most expensive hotel (the Emirates Palace). But if all that sounds a bit too over the top, there’s hundreds of quaint Abu Dhabi places of interest. Any exploration of the streets reveals the sense of old-world charm and Arabian atmosphere.

The Heritage of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has blossomed from its beginning as a coastal oasis in the desert. There’s been life in this area for thousands of years, including the thousands of date palms that continue to dot the city. Reconstructed Abu Dhabi Heritage Village provides an intriguing insight into what it all looked like, with a coastal fortress, a souk for trading goats, and a small central mosque.


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