The Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort

The Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort offers an elegant escape from city life and an easy immersion into the charm of traditional Omani hospitality. Nestled into the Musandam Peninsula Oman, the resort is fringed by untouched white beach and azure waters.

Turn around and an evocative stretch of mountains hides the resort from view, providing an immediate sense of its exclusivity and seclusion. The Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort is a place for rejuvenating the senses and getting away from the world, a place where luxury comes first even though you’re also engulfed by the soft charms of nature.

With its Omani features and classical Omani style, Zighy Bay also provides a fresh experience for anyone exploring the Arabian Peninsula.

AED 11,500 Per Charter
  • Transfer to Six Senses Zighy Bay in the most luxurious of styles with a private seaplane charter from Dubai.
  • Enjoy stunning aerial views over the desert and Hajjar Mountains, before cruising along the Musandam Peninsula Oman and touching down beside an enchanting East Coast village.
  • Escape into the Omani exclusivity of the Six Senses Zighy Bay, one of the region’s most unique coastal hideaways.
  • Travelling by seaplane is the quickest way of getting to Six Senses Zighy Bay, allowing you to be whisked straight out of the city and straight into its calm serenity.

Getting to Six Senses Zighy Bay by Seaplane

Getting to the Six Senses Zighy Bay isn’t always easy. Remember, this is a secluded resort hidden between mountains and coastline. Travelling by seaplane doesn’t just offer the stunning aerial views, it’s the quickest and most exclusive way to transfer to Six Senses Zighy Bay. Take off from the Dubai Creek and watch the traditional dhows get smaller as you rise above the Arabian Gulf. Then fly beside monuments like the Burj Khalifa. The desert’s hazy colours extend to one side while the calm waters of the gulf softly waver from the broad viewing windows. The pilot ascends and you sweep over the exquisite Hajjar Mountains, admiring the rugged peaks that stand like sentinels in the desert. Enjoy a thrilling water landing besides an enchanting village on the East Coast, where a private chauffeur picks you up for a scenic drive through Dibba Fishing Port to the Zighy Bay Resort and Spa.

Six Senses Zighy Bay Private Charter

This is a private charter transfer to Six Senses Zighy Bay so there are no other passengers in the plane other than those that you invite. Up to nine people can fly in the air-conditioned cabin, with each getting a luxury seat and a personal viewing window. The take-off point can be customized so you can transfer to Zighy Bay Oman from anywhere in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Spend a night or more at the resort or settle into one of their traditional Omani-style pool villas, where the tranquility is complimented by the elegance of Oman hospitality. Activities like paragliding, mountain biking and water skiing are available at the resort. Or just slumber with a book and settle into one of Arabia’s most exclusive five-star experiences.


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