Six Sense Zighy Bay Tour in Oman

In many destinations, the things to see are things that must be found, hunted out amongst a crowded landscape. The things to see in Zighy Bay don’t require a treasure map. They are all around, completely engulfing you at every second.

You won’t miss any of it. The things to see provide the omnipresent charm to a luxury holiday in Northern Oman. There’s the precipitous and crumbling curves of the Hajjar Mountains, brilliantly red as they bake in the sun.

Then the soft white sand that squeaks beneath your feet whenever you wander on the Zighy Bay beach. And the postcard image isn’t complete without the shimmering colours of the Gulf of Oman, the timeless watery backdrop to every angle. A Zighy Bay air tour ensures you don’t miss the opportunity to revel in the scale of all this natural beauty.

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Inspiring Activities in Oman Zighy Bay

Just getting to Six Senses Zighy Bay is an unmissable attraction. Fly from Dubai to Northern Oman and you savour the evocative vistas of desert, mountains, coastline, and private untouched beach. When you’re not slumbering on the beach or taking a Ras Al Khaimah air tour, consider:

  • An afternoon of pampering at the indulgent Six Senses spa.
  • Getting wet in the Gulf of Oman with a selection of water sports.
  • A sunset cruise that celebrates the serenity of this little piece of paradise.
  • Cruise on a traditional dhow and discover the ancient fishing villages that dot the Musandam Peninsula.
  • Snorkel or dive into a tropical world, one filled with rare marine species and playful pods of dolphins.
  • Get adventurous in the Hajjar with rock climbing, mountain hikes, mountain biking, and four-wheel drive desert excursions.

Oman Zighy Bay Places of Interest

Land in Zighy Bay and the Six Senses Resort & Spa is the first place of interest. This five-star accommodation provides the tranquil heart of any Zighy Bay luxury holiday. Dotted around the peninsula you’ll find a series of inlets, or khors as they’re locally known. These are ideal for marine exploration and taking a boat through untouched nature. And then there’s the beach, a long and private strip of sand that’s probably the most important Zighy Bay place of interest when you’re seeking an escape from the world.

The Heritage of Oman Zighy Bay

Oman’s Musandam Peninsula has an intriguing history. It’s completely surrounded by the UAE, but governed and fiercely protected by Oman. After getting to Zighy Bay you can really sense you’ve crossed the border, with traditional Omani hospitality a quintessential part of the holiday experience. Fly from Dubai to Northern Oman and you have the opportunity to explore and compare two distinct countries, both with their feet rooted in Arabian tradition.

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