Seawings Education Program

Highlights of Seawings Programme

  • This activity is available to schools/colleges and universities.
  • Briefing to the school/college group about the topics covered.
  • Engineering, Aerodynamics, Architecture are some of the subjects that will be discussed.
  • 40 min scenic air tour will be included in the session.

Seawings Education Programme

Innovatively designed by teaching professionals, the Seawings Education Programme provides a unique insight into Dubai. A 30-minute educational briefing is followed by a 40-minute scenic flight, allowing students to use their observational skills and inspect the city from the air. Students gain a unique perspective on the city’s development along with intimate views of its groundbreaking architecture. The programme has been developed by teaching professionals so it can be incorporated into a variety of international curricula in the UAE.

Experience Dubai from Air

This unique learning experience combines a tailored 30-minute classroom-style briefing followed by a 40-minute aerial flight. The briefing provides tasks and learning points for the flight and can be structured to focus on various aspects of the city; architecture, economy, ecology, history, development, city planning. Students board the flight with clear learning objectives, then must use their observation and investigative skills as they fly above the city. The programme is fully customisable and can be used for students to gather data and analyse patterns on a city-wide scale. In the past, some teachers have used the programme to focus on a specific aspect of Dubai and its development. Others use the Seawings Education Programme to provide a new perspective on the entire city, one that compliments the classroom learning.

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