Seawing World Journey Gold

45 minutes (dock to dock)

A Unique Luxury Dubai Air Tour to The World

Marvel at The World from the sky on the ultimate sightseeing journey through Dubai. This private charter flight takes you on an encompassing journey through the city, connecting Dubai’s historic past with its modern wonders and futuristic vision.

There’s two thrilling water take off points and you can choose either the Dubai Creek or the Waldorf Astoria. As you ascend there’s sublime views into the desert and its enchanting mirage.

Then the pilot swings around and you soar above the Arabian Gulf, gazing down at the Palm Dubai as it stands amidst shimmering waters. The seaplane continues to soar, stretching our over the Gulf for unparalleled views over The World.

AED 16,275 (USD 4,435)Per Charter
  • Experience the most exquisite views of The World with a seaplane experience that soars above Dubai’s artificial islands.
  • Enjoy stunning water take-offs from the Dubai Creek or the Palm Jumeirah, then slowly ascend above the city’s famous skyline.
  • Savour the luxury of a private charter and invite friends with an exclusive aerial experience for up to nine people.
  • Take in the finest panoramic views of Dubai from your personal viewing window and indulge in the ultimate views over the city.

Nine Seats for Flying Over to Dubai’s Artificial Islands

As with all Seawings private charter flights in Dubai, there’s space for nine passengers in the plane and each has a luxurious seat and personal viewing window. So there’s private views onto The World and unrivalled photo and filming opportunities of Dubai’s artificial islands. A seaplane moves fast enough to always provide a new angle, yet slow enough for you to be completely immersed in the aerial wonders of Dubai city. Slowly you soar back into the city and cruise above the famous skyline, taking in the skyscrapers from the air. Now the pilot descends towards water, bringing you softly down onto at the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm Jumeirah, or the Dubai Creek and Yacht Club, which was the setting for the first ever Dubai Airport, back in the 1930s.

Connecting the Paradigms with a Dubai Luxury Tour

It’s a journey that connects all of Dubai’s paradigms. There’s the visual composition of desert, sea, and city. Then the blurring of centuries as you move from heritage and historical trading waters to magnificent skylines that glimmer as symbols of the future. And as this Dubai air tour cruises out to The World you get an intimate sense of Dubai’s place amongst a global environment. It’s a completely private charter so you only share the plane with guests you invite. Look down and find your own country amongst the islands, before taking in the global panorama and eagerly photographing the continents as they sit impressively in the Gulf. Then soar back into Dubai city and reconnect with the markers of the past, like the traditional dhows that sway gently as you land on water.


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