Things to See in Fujairah

Fujairah is home to some of the UAE’s richest cultural heritage. Immerse yourself into the rich history of Oman and take a trip to the Al Badyah mosque. The Al Badyah mosque is the oldest in the region and definitely one of the most unique. The structure itself is made from mud and bricks and stands as it did in the 15th century. Everyone is welcome to enter and experience the history of this magnificent mosque that has stood for centuries. Another historical destination you must see during your short weekend stay is the Fujairah Fort. The fort was built in 1670 and was once home to one of the ruling families. For hundreds of years it was one of the only stone buildings along the sparkling coast of Fujairah. It was badly damaged in the beginning of the 20th century, but has since been completely restored and now serves as part of a Heritage village created by Fujairah’s Department of Archaeology and Heritage. Other historical attractions include the Al-Hayl Castle, the modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque and much, much more.

The Fujairah Coast is also home to a wealth of natural beauty. Take a dip in the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs amidst the scenic views of the Hajar mountains. The natural springs produce warm water that is then pumped into two separate pools one for males and one for females. Of course the most exclusive of the natural beauty are the sparkling blue beaches in the Gulf of Oman. Spend your day sunbathing on the beach in luxury or take a dip in the ocean. People travel from all over the world experience snorkeling and scuba diving in the crystal clear water. Many exquisite cafes and restaurants are also available along the coast for lavish fine dining.


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