A Unique Idea for a Luxury Wedding in Dubai

Life’s most important days should always be full of unique memories, and there’s little to rival the exclusive feeling of cruising above the UAE in a private seaplane. So revel in the ultimate luxury by chartering a private plane for your Dubai wedding or Dubai engagement celebration.

Routes can be fully customised, allowing you to enhance the day with some aerial Dubai sightseeing or views of the glistening Arabian desert. Just like a luxury Dubai wedding, the options for a private plane charter can be limitless. Arrive at a Dubai beach wedding in the most extravagant of styles; treat nine special guests to a memorable moment on the wedding day; descend to your Dubai wedding reception and watch guests gasp as you land on water.

Or whisk your partner away for a special Dubai engagement celebration. Seawings can customise routes and itineraries dependent on your most exacting of needs. This is your special day. So challenge Seawings to create your dream experience.

AED 11,500 Per Charter | USD 3,133 Per Charter
  • Make your special day even more unique by chartering a luxurious seaplane and arriving in unmatched style.
  • Fully customise a route and itinerary for your Dubai wedding, including options like landing beside the beach or extended aerial sightseeing through the city.
  • Treat special guests to an unforgettable surprise and charter a seaplane for your wedding entourage, with options to transport them to or from the wedding venue.
  • Savour a very unique Dubai wedding idea, one that brings gasps from your guests and timeless photos of a wedding or engagement celebration.

Arriving at a Dubai Wedding in Style

Chartering a seaplane is a unique Dubai wedding idea to give the day another special touch. While helicopter charters are used for luxury weddings across the world, there’s only a few places where you can arrive at the wedding in a luxurious seaplane. Seaplanes has worked with various Dubai wedding planners to create the perfect private charter. It’s a chance to arrive in truly regal style, with the guests waiting at shore and the plane softly landing beside your Dubai wedding venue. Seawings provides a chartered service to 27 landing sites across the UAE, so whether it’s beach, hotel, or remote island, we can transport you to your wedding in unrivalled style.

Luxury on your Private Dubai Wedding Charter

It’s pure luxury onboard, with the plane seating just nine passengers. Thick comfy seats have personal viewing windows while the air conditioning ensures hair doesn’t wilt in the heat. Pilots have thousands of hours of flying experience and our ground crew can also arrange luxury chauffeured land transfers. Whether it’s just for two, or for the day’s other special people, chartering a private plane is always an experience to remember. While it’s not something from a typical Dubai wedding package, Seawings has many years experience tailoring a service for happy couples. A seaplane charter is an experience that befits the uniqueness of the big day, offering a luxury and exclusivity that can elevate any Dubai wedding.


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