6 Reasons Why Seaplane Tours are Better
Than Helicopter Tours.

1. Unmatched & Thrilling water take-off & landing

Embrace your spirit of adventure and experience the thrill of a unique water take-off on a seaplane and breathtaking landing on the beautiful crystal clear waters of Dubai creek. The experience of flying on a Seawings Seaplane is akin to a magic carpet ride. Something extraordinary happens to people as they are collectively and effortlessly lifted from the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf and transported into another world of aerial enchantment.

2. Individual Window seats

Each guest enjoys a broad comfortable seat with a large private viewing window, meaning clean and uninterrupted views over the city, desert, and sea. Sit by the window and join us on a journey across Dubai’s iconic skyline. There’s nothing like taking in all of Dubai’s world-famous attractions from the air, it’s only there you can get a real sense of the size and scale of Dubai’s visionary landmarks. The pictures you can take from the sky are absolutely stunning.

3. Quiet Ambience

A Seaplane tour is amazingly quiet on the inside which means you have opportunity of sharing beautiful moments with your loved ones. Furthermore, the seaplane’s speed provides an ideal blend of efficiency and intimacy. Guests travel fast enough to connect any of the UAE’s destinations in less than 70 minutes, yet slow enough to fully savour the aerial wonder.

4. Spacious cabin

The air-conditioned cabin has capacity for up to nine passengers. Indulge in one of the most luxurious and exclusive experiences. Refreshments are served on board. Additionally, there are 3 premier seats in our seaplane - 2 in back and 1 in front (with Captain) which you can choose for an even more exclusive & luxurious experience.

5. Ideal for groups & families

The air-conditioned cabin has capacity for up to nine passengers. With options to suit everyone, our Seawings Seaplane family is ready to welcome yours with open arms. We look forward to helping you create memories that will be cherished for years to come. Perhaps you’ll meet a friend for life or bring happiness to a heart that needs it most. A Private tour of Dubai is the perfect choice for a variety of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers as well as corporate outings & meetings.

6. Enjoy a bird's eye view of Iconic Landmarks

Feel your pulse soar on our award-winning 45 minute relaxed Seawings Signature Scenic tour that provides panoramic views of all the city’s architectural marvels. Soar past the towering Burj Khalifa, look down upon the Palm Jumeirah and World Islands from the comfort of your luxury leather seat and survey the cityscape; it’s a unique perspective not many get to see. Take a peek into the city’s past as you watch Abra ferries crossing historic Dubai Creek, and reflect on how the city has grown from humble roots as a small fishing village.

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A Seaplane ride is calmer (no noise of the blades), gives you a more scenic view (big windows) and most importantly offers you an amazing water take-off which you cannot experience on a helicopter ride. The prices offered by both tours are comparable. In a nutshell, when deciding between a Seaplane tour and a Helicopter tour, a Seaplane Tour wins hands down.

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