Seawings Dubai Creek Gold

45 Minutes (dock to dock)

The Seawings Gold Experience is the ultimate option for private tours.

The shimmering waters of Dubai Creek are where the UAE’s first ever airport was located. Back in the 1930s and 1940s, luxury seaplanes would land here on their long journey from Britain to India.

It was the era’s most elite method of travel. Fast-forward to modern times and the seaplane experience has been revived in all its pomp and razzmatazz. A beautiful water take-off helps recreate these historic journeys, using the same strip of water as the first plane to ever take-off from Dubai.

The skyline has changed dramatically since the 1940s but as the plane ascends you’ll still get a genuine sense of the city’s history and heritage. And after your scenic loop of the city, you’ll swoop back and enjoy a beautiful landing back at the Dubai Creek.

AED 9,975 (USD 2,718)Per Charter, Peak Period Surcharges may apply
  • Recreate history with a seaplane take-off from the famous Dubai Creek, using the same strip of water as the first plane to ever land in Dubai.
  • Feast your eyes on the wonders of Dubai’s skyline and enjoy unsurpassed aerial views of all the famous monuments, such as the Burj Khalifa, World Islands, Ain Dubai and Burj Al Arab.
  • Celebrate the exclusivity of a private plane charter as it’s only you and your invited guests seated in the nine-capacity seaplane.
  • Complete and compliment this Dubai luxury tour with private transfers.

Sublime Dubai Aerial Photography

This exclusive seaplane charter ensures stunning panoramas over all of Dubai’s iconic attractions and architectural wonders. Glide past the Burj Khalifa and photograph the unmissable tower of the world’s tallest building. Soar along the Arabian Gulf, admiring how the Burj Al Arab’s sail neatly separates city from sea and desert from water. Also standing proud beneath the wingtips are Dubai’s eclectic attractions, like the Deira Clock Tower and the charms of downtown Dubai. Then out in the Gulf there’s unrivalled scenic views of the Palm Jumeirah and the World Islands, the city’s ode to futuristic engineering wonderfully cascading across the waters. Unsurprisingly, this exclusive seaplane charter is favoured by anyone looking to do Dubai aerial photography or aerial filming. It’s not just architectural creations. With this aerial journey you’ll also admire the colourful charms of nature, with the desert and its sand dunes cascading into the Arabian Gulf.

Exclusive Dubai Seaplane Charter

This isn’t a public tour. Enjoy access to your own nine-capacity plane. Every comfortable seat has its own viewing window so there’s no best “best” place to sit on the plane. The air-conditioned cabin maintains the comfort levels as you take in the views of the city. It’s an ideal Dubai family activity while also a very memorable romantic option for two. Elevating the sense of luxury further is a private car transfer to the Dubai Creek. You’ll hop straight from the car to the seaplane checkin and take-off into the azure UAE sky. Touch back down on water and the car is waiting to complete this sublime and exclusive charter.


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