Corporate Team Building Activities Ideas

Take your business to new heights

Seawings has steadily built its reputation as a premium provider of corporate solutions in the UAE. Our Seawings Lifestyle ambassadors create customised programs that are developed for both internal events and team building, as well as corporate entertaining and impressing new or existing clients. From golf to fine dining, heritage tours to exotic spas, Seawings builds customised packages for every client. Built upon a network of trusted providers, these solutions combine sublime air tours with unique activities and destinations on the ground.

Every individualised program is based on the fundamentals of exclusivity and unique experiences. We are the only seaplane operator in the UAE and our aerial tours are recommended by the New York Times as the number one thing to do in Dubai. The bouquet of corporate solutions capture the essence of the UAE and its distinctive appeal creates memorable experiences for your clients, guests, and employees.

Corporate Solutions

Seawings works individually with each of its corporate clients, creating a shared vision and experience based on exacting requirements. We work across multiple verticals and can inspire with a wide range of experiences.

Every solution is targeted and developed with clear objectives in mind, from customer retention to developing personal client relations and enhancing employee productivity.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas based on past successes with different clients.

1. Customer Loyalty

Providing a wide range of Lifestyle solutions for your customers and promoting redemption behaviour across all segments. You can select aerial tours or luxury experiences as well as combine both options to provide a holistic leisure excursion.

Corporate Entertaining

From annual celebrations to special events, entertain your guests with unforgettable seaplane flights and aerial excursions. Our lifestyle ambassadors are available to create any bespoke requests.

1. Impressing Clients

Welcome international guests and inspire new business with breath-taking aerial sightseeing tours over the UAE. These can even be private transport facility provided for pick-ups and drop offs at the international airports.

2. Business Meetings and Events

Use unique seaplane travel as an influential tool that transfers clients and guests to venues across the UAE. Visiting Board members, directors or senior management teams can be entertained in style and comfort.

3. Seawings Gift Vouchers

This redemption solution has proven to be a stellar example of incentives that can be extended to your customers or employees.

Employee Engagement

Motivate and reward with the bespoke creation of employee incentives. Our Seawings products are created relevant to your teams, ranging from seats on sightseeing seaplane flights to luxury holidays for directors. Our custom celebrations that blend seaplane air tours with personalized receptions on the beach or any other preferred location.

We offer a range of offers and discounts and can work with you to customise the offer. Our lifestyle team can create tailored solutions that incorporate Seawings Lifestyle packages, with weekend getaways, golfing excursions, and a variety of exclusive Emirates staycations.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas based on past successes with different clients.

1. Employee Incentives

Reward your teams and employees with unique and inspiring air tours across the UAE. Every flight can be tailored based on your requirements.

2. Employee Discounts

Enjoy special unadvertised offers that can be used as incentives and rewards for your staff. These provide timeless aerial excursions that are amongst the premium things to do in the UAE.

3. Team Building

Blend exquisite air tours with team building activities at a range of destinations across the UAE. Our team is full of unusual and unknown ideas that helps you develop a successful business.

Corporate Exposure

1. Photo-shoots, Commercials and Marketing

Come with Seawings and experience the landscape of the Emirates like never before. We specialise in flying photographers and filmmakers who can create the visuals to enhance any marketing campaign.

2. PR Events and Product Launches

Elevate any event and add the gloss to a product launch by utilising unique seaplane travel.

3. Branding opportunities

Seawings provides immediate access to decision makers and high net-worth customers. We offer a range of branding opportunities and premium advertising space to corporate clients.

Testimonials and Successes

Clients taken to new heights

Take a short journey with Seawings through a variety of testimonials. Each offers further ideas on how to create memorable events and corporate solutions.

1. Amway Employee Incentive

Amway used a Seawings experience as part of a reward for their 126 top performers in India. Having flown them to Dubai, the employees were treated to an exquisite half-day aerial tour, before stepping straight from the seaplane into refreshments and canapés at the Captain’s Lounge at Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa.

2. Davidoff’s High Profile Launch

To celebrate Davidoff’s new range of exclusive accessories, 18 members of the press were treated to an enchanting aerial tour of Dubai after a press conference at the Dubai Creek & Spa Aquarium. Limousine transfers were also arranged for Davidoff’s executive board.

3. Pro Golfers’ New Playground

Seawings flew 13 world-renowned golfers and their partners around Dubai on a thrilling aerial tour. Using three seaplanes, the experience was used as a prelude to the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament and helped generate interest in the event. After landing, the golfers disembarked straight into some secluded time at the Sports Cafe at Jebel Ali Resort & Spa.

4. Skyhigh Silver Anniversary Celebrations

Silver anniversaries demand exclusive and memorable celebrations. Seawings flew an eminent Indian Industrialist and 32 guests over the sublime Dubai cityscape before dropping them at a private beach party at the Jebel Ali Resort & Spa.

5. Bouygues’ Memorable Brunch

The German Bouygues Group flew their Board of Directors to Dubai for a celebration. Seawings arranged all the logistics, picking them up from the airport for a scenic aerial tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi before dropping them at the Emirates Palace for lunch. Scenic flights back to Dubai were also arranged.

6. HP Global Escapade

HP flew 22 of their top performers to Dubai for a team building rally. They were treated to an aerial tour that touched down beside the track for the horse racing action of the Dubai World Cup. Later in the day, seaplane transfers took the team to Bateen Airport in Abu Dhabi.


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