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Seaplane charters have been adding something extra to Dubai celebrations for over a decade. This luxurious experience can be fully customised to elevate the memories on any special day.

Treat someone with one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai; celebrate a wedding anniversary by soaring above the iconic skyline; surprise your friends on a special occasion and take them high above the city’s sights; or enjoy a private plane as you celebrate your birthday in Dubai.

It’s not an experience for the everyday. It’s one that’s reserved for Dubai special occasions, something that creates timeless memories and unique thrills. Whether you’re looking to impress someone or celebrate something, a seaplane charter provides razzmatazz to any occasion.

AED 11,500 Per Charter | AED 3,133 Per Charter
  • Charter a seaplane for any Dubai special occasion, from birthday celebrations to surprise parties and special treats for favourite friends.
  • Enjoy luxurious private cruising in a nine-passenger seaplane, complete with spectacular water take-offs and landings.
  • Fully customise an aerial sightseeing route or choose a Seawings celebration package that can include landing on Jebel Ali Beach to a banner with your personalised message.
  • Enhance the romance with a private aerial sightseeing tour, something that’s wonderful for a wedding proposal or wedding anniversary in Dubai.

Luxury Seaplane Itineraries

Seawings have celebration packages but can also tailor an itinerary to your exacting needs. Travel is in a luxurious nine-passenger private seaplane, with an air-conditioned cabin and large comfortable seats. Every seat has its own viewing window, ensuring the eternal views over the UAE can be savoured by all. Soar past monuments like the Burj Khalifa on your Dubai birthday celebration, swoop over the dunes for a scent of the wilderness, or connect the heritage hubs of the cities. It’s a special gift and an even more impressive surprise. Imagine the faces as you take someone down to the water for a thrilling seaplane take off. Flying over Dubai in a seaplane is not a standard experience. It’s one that delights in its exclusivity and creates an impression that all great celebrations deserve.

Unique Seaplane Celebration Packages in Dubai

The Seawings celebration package includes an exclusive seaplane charter tour of Dubai, an iconic experience for any birthday celebration in Dubai or anniversary. Cruise across the desert city and soak up the indelible views of its monuments: they look far more impressive from the sky than from the ground. Adding an extra little touch is the option of landing on the Jebel Ali Beach, where a banner on the shore reveals your personalised message. It’s a celebration idea in Dubai and also a thought for anyone seeking a unique wedding proposal. All this can be enhanced and customised with optional activities, such as water taxi rides, fine dining along the shore, boat charters in the Dubai Creek, and special reservations for hotels, spas, or golf courses. But these are just a few ideas. Get in touch with your requests and the Seawings team can tailor a trip to the most discerning of details.

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