What to Expect When You Go on a Curated Luxury Excursion in the UAE

Do you want to make your trip to Dubai truly exceptional? See the city in a completely different way and escape to the most inspiring destinations in the UAE with a unique Dubai private tour by seaplane. Experience the finest views, make the most interesting detours, and immerse yourself in this incredible location, all with the help of expert guides and in the comfort of unique, luxury transport.

Amongst the range of Seawings experiences, there are luxury, bespoke tours for those individuals, families or groups wishing to see and experience Dubai and the UAE aboard their own private charter flight. Here’s what you can expect on the most luxurious of Seawings tours.

Go Beyond Dubai

There’s no question that the city of Dubai is a spellbinding destination. The must-see list of places to visit in Dubai includes the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the exquisite Dubai Marina, the jaw-dropping man-made island Palm Jumeirah, the incredible Dubai Fountain, and Old Dubai, which is the city’s heritage center.

There’s no shortage of ways to sightsee Dubai’s stunning attractions. You can explore the city by bus, by private vehicle, on foot and by boat, for example. Seawings also offers a 45-minute aerial tour by seaplane. However, by taking one of these options, you are in danger of missing out on the treasure trove that the wider area has to offer.

Just beyond Dubai lies a stunning coastline of golden sand, breathtaking expanses of desert, mountainous ranges, wild wadis, and desert fortresses. Don’t forget Abu Dhabi, an incredible city just a short hop away with many compelling attractions of its own.

If you have limited time to explore Dubai and its surroundings, then you may feel you need to compromise. However, an extended private tour affords you the opportunity to see and experience exactly what you wish.

What makes booking a luxury, private excursion different?

Booking a private excursion from Dubai comes with some distinct advantages:

A personalized tour

The greatest benefit of a private tour is that you are able to experience a bespoke tour tailored to your requirements. For example, nature lovers may wish to combine a Dubai tour with a glimpse of its nearby nature reserves and desert-scapes. Motorsports enthusiasts may not want to leave the UAE without a peek at Abu Dhabi’s Formula One circuit. History buffs will not want to miss Dubai’s more traditional areas or the UNESCO World Heritage sites nearby.

With your own personal transport and guide for the day, there are hundreds of possibilities for a tour schedule that suits you, whatever your interests.

Inspiring, engaging private guides

The tour guides you’ll meet on a luxury private tour are highly experienced and incredibly knowledgeable. Their passion is sharing their love and enthusiasm for Dubai and the UAE with their guests. Because your guide is yours, and yours only for the day, you’ll be able to pose questions and gather the insights that appeal to you. This will elevate your tour experience to another level and you’ll finish the tour feeling enlightened and inspired.

Unique mode of transportation

Don’t settle for second best. When you book a private tour of Dubai with Seawings, you’ll be seeing the sights from a luxury private charter seaplane. The exhilarating take-off and landing will be another highlight of your day.

Soon, you’ll be seeing Dubai from a unique bird’s-eye view, which is surely the most thrilling way of viewing Dubai’s spectacular, futuristic cityscape. It’s a truly spectacular sight, but not the only one on offer in the UAE. What better way to appreciate the vast expanses of golden dunes, the mountains beyond or the glittering coast, and much more, all in one day?

Seawings offers 25 touch-down locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the UAE and Oman. Links with the finest road transport mean that wherever you wish your tour to take you, it is easily accessible and fast to reach.

The finest surroundings

Seawings’ seaplanes feature plush seating aboard the most luxurious of aircrafts. You can expect to take to the skies in maximum comfort. Your trip can be fine-tuned to the very last detail to include fine dining options and more. You can be sure you’ll be traveling in style.

Three ideas for unique itineraries

Here are a few ideas for private seaplane tour itineraries that demonstrate just how diverse the UAE is.

Explore Arabian culture

Sharjah, a 30-minute flight from Dubai, is widely regarded as Arabia's capital of culture. Marvel at the contrast between taking off over Dubai’s futuristic landscape and landing at this traditional gem. Your guide will take you on a journey to the past through bustling souks and the charismatic streets of the restored old town, and to marvel at architectural wonders.

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Try an underwater adventure

Fujairah’s exquisite marine life is legendary and a magnet for scuba divers. Witness stunning coastlines and glistening waters as you make the 50-minute seaplane journey from Dubai. Then, dive into this underwater wonderland of intricate corals and a rainbow of tropical fish.

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Go on a golfing day with a difference

Golf is one of the UAE’s most popular sports, and the country is home to some of the world’s best-regarded courses. While there are many opportunities to play in Dubai, why not make your golf day all the more special by combining it with a seaplane tour that takes you to one of the incredible courses along the UAE’s coastline?

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These three ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Seawings offers many more customizable private seaplane tours that are perfect for special occasions, celebrations, or as a way of making your trip to Dubai even more spectacular.

Allow us to provide you with a luxury tour experience you’ll never forget. Talk to our team for prices and more details.

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