Make Celebrations Special In Dubai

“The more you celebrate in life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah Winfrey

We all love celebrating our special days in grand style; it becomes even more special when you are with your friends, family or loved ones. Moments like these make timeless memories and we live for these moments. 

If you’re visiting Dubai to celebrate, you’re in luck. We’ve created a list of things to do in Dubai and places to visit in Dubai to celebrate your special occasion in style.

Birthday in Dubai

It is more than the earth revolving around the sun; it is the day you came into this world. If you are traveling to Dubai on your birthday, you are up for a great birthday. Dubai is a beautiful city with mesmerizing views and tremendous skyline. Literally, anything you do in Dubai is amplified with richness and grandeur. 

Here is one of the craziest birthday ideas in Dubai. Imagine you are 1500 feet in the air with your friends, family or your better half in a magnificent seaplane - Dubai skyline is on your feet and you see a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner spanned across the beach. Now that is something special. 

Dreams like these come true with Seawings. Seawings offers special packages for special days like these. They can be customised according to your needs to enhance your experience. 

Fun Fact: People who celebrate more birthdays live longer.

Marriage proposal in Dubai

One of the most beautiful events one can ever witness is a marriage proposal. It is the day they say yes and you promise to spend the rest of your lives together. People go beyond the normal to make this day special and memorable. 

And what is the best place to propose in Dubai? - The sky! If you are traveling to Dubai to propose to them, we recommend you do it on a Seawings seaplane; ask them out among the clouds, 1500 feet in the air - a proposal they can’t refuse. Seawings offers special proposal packages that are fully customizable by our experienced travel consultants. 

Special Anniversaries

What is better than to celebrate your day of love?! Anniversaries keep the love going; People go above and beyond to make this day special, whether you are celebrating your 1st, 25th, 50th or 75th. Some go on vacation, some celebrate with their close ones and if you’re thinking of traveling to Dubai to celebrate your anniversary, make sure you celebrate it in a truly grand style.

Book a Seawings seaplane and celebrate it in the sky with a banner spanned across the beach saying ‘Happy Anniversary’. Now that is what we call celebrating in grand style!

If you are in the mood to take the celebrations up a notch, book a private tour with Seawings and fly away to Sir Bani Yas Islands secluding yourself away from the hustle-bustle of the city. A perfect getaway with your loved one, isn’t it?

Fun Fact: In the US, it is a tradition to have the top layer of your anniversary cake and share it with your partner on your first anniversary.

Destination Weddings

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life. It is the day that changes your life forever. A day filled with love, that binds two souls together. This day is so special in itself that it doesn’t really need a push, but those who go the extra mile to make their wedding day even more special are the ones who create timeless memories. 

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Dubai, we’ve got your back! Arrive at your beach wedding in regal style with your guests waiting at the shore and the plane softly landing beside your wedding venue. Seawings provides over 25 different landing locations across UAE making sure you can choose your venue anywhere.

Corporate Events

One of the most creative corporate event ideas is to take your team to fly in the sky. Make your company events bigger and better with Seawings. Take them into the sky and give them an experience like never before. Seawings corporate solutions give you a wide range of options to suit your corporate needs, from different landing locations at exotic resorts and hotels to your brand logo on the seaplane and the boarding pass. Seawings promises to take your business to new heights, literally! It also provides corporate team building activities by experts. All the corporate packages are fully customizable according to your needs.

Level up your occasions and celebrations in Dubai only with Seawings Seaplanes. Contact our expert reservation team for queries and tailor-made packages. Let’s make it special! 

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