Your Getaway Guide to Glorious Oman

Offering a potpourri of travel activities, from adventure trips to cultural tours, Oman is one of the most vibrant countries in the world. With fjords and mountains on its north to deserts and beaches on its south, Oman is home to some of the most diverse environments in the world. Apart from natural marvels, the country is teeming with grand fortresses and traditional souqs that depict the rich heritage of the Sultanate of Oman.

Here is a list of to-do activities for first-time visitors to glorious Oman:

Explore the Timeless City of Muscat– Situated close to the International Airport, Muscat is not only the capital city but also the largest city of Oman. Royal palaces, grand mosques and lively souks are all must-visit places in Muscat. A glorious piece of architecture, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque beautifully exemplifies the confluence of Islamic tradition and modern architecture. To lovers of art and crafts, the second-largest handloom Iranian carpet in the world, present here, is certainly a sight to behold. For beautiful antique jewellery and traditional textiles, Mutrah Corniche is the go-to place for visitors.

Discover Masirah Island – Discover the beauty of Oman’s Masirah Island – known for kite-surfing and bird-watching. Take in the view from the top with a trek up Jabal Al Humr, the highest point of the island. Nature lovers can enjoy activities like turtle watching at this unique island.

See the Arid Mountains and Blue Fjords – Made of limestone, Jebel Akhdar singularly stands out as the highest point in Oman. The region is scarce in lush forests, unlike most mountain areas, but serves as the perfect hiking spot for adventure lovers. Musandam Fjords is another adventure spot if you love kayaking and scuba diving. You may take a boat ride or spot dolphins from a Dhow.

Live the Desert Life in Wahiba Sands– When in Oman, do not miss out on the true desert experience at Wahiba Sands. Take a bumpy camel ride through the sand dunes or spend a night under the starry sky to get an authentic taste of Bedouin life. Oman is also famous for Wadi Bani Khalid. This place recreates the picturesque view of a shimmering oasis, in the desert, surrounded by palm trees and bare mountains.

Take a Walk through Oman’s Castles and Forts– Oman is home to majestic forts and castles depicting the rich history of the country. Jabrin Fort is a stunning example of this. The gorgeous paintings on the ceilings of the Fort are stunning specimens of art, sure to capture the attention of onlookers. Also, you can find antique jewels up for display. You may indulge in some fun, finding out the fort’s hidden chambers that were built for defence during wars. Do take a look at the historical timeline of Oman through Nizwa Fort.

Since all international flights arrive at the Muscat International Airport, it is convenient to first explore all the nearby places. Also, for many international tourists, Dubai is the preferred place of arrival and departure, so you can set off to Oman in your very own private Seaplane.You can look for an Oman tour package from Dubai for a convenient tour.

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