What can I see on a wildlife safari in Abu Dhabi

A wildlife safari is the highlight of many people’s holidays in the Emirate’s capital, and the question on everyone’s lips is what can I see on a Wildlife Safari in Abu Dhabi?

It depends on where you go, for example the famous Sir Bani Yas Wildlife Reserve has more than 13000 species of animal, and there’ve even more to explore in the sea. Thinking about your typical desert safari these are the most common sights.

What can you see on a wildlife safari in Abu Dhabi

Arabian Oryx

While they used to roam freely, today you’ll need to be in a conservation area to spot one of these endangered animals.

Arabian Gazelle

This endangered species has a wide range in the UAE, however they are a fairly common sight in wildlife reserves.

Striped Hyena

A native scavenger in the Emirates, you’ll need to head out on a night safari as they are nocturnal creatures.


These fast moving creatures are an endangered species but still present in Abu Dhabi

Arabian Hare

The hare be hard to spot as they like to keep themselves out of sight, but if you head out near dawn or dusk you may be able to catch one.


If you’re near a coastal area or mangrove estuary these beautiful birds can often be spotted.


The most well-known lizard in the region is the fat tailed lizard also known as a Dab, once a local delicacy this cute lizard is now a protected species.


There are several snake species present in Abu Dhabi, the most common being the Sand Snake. They usually avoid human contact, and will be hard to spot without an experienced guide.

We hope that we’ve answered your question on what can you see on a wildlife safari in Abu Dhabi.

Sir Bani Yas Island wildlife reserve

what can I see on a wildlife safari in Abu DhabiIf you’re serious about what you can see on a wildlife safari in Abu Dhabi, the best place to go is Sir Bani Yas Island, an un-missable destination for wildlife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This unique island was established as one of the first wildlife reserves in the United Arab Emirates by the late ruler and founder of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

As well as the commonly seen animals listed above you’ll see many more animals from the UAE, such as the Caracal and Osprey, as well as those from different parts of the world such as the Indian antelope, African giraffe and Australian emu. The island is a joy to explore thanks to its unique landscape including mangroves, savannah as well as unique hilltops formed by salt domes from millions of years ago.

If you really want to know what can you see on a wildlife safari in Abu Dhabi, fly with usand see for yourself!

Seawings Sir Bani Yas Island tour

what can I see on a wildlife safari in Abu DhabiWe offer dedicated charter flights to Sir Bani Yas Island. After an exhilarating water take-off you can relax and admire the coastline of the Arabian Gulf while you cruise at 1500 feet until you reach this unique destination. Our Seawings Lifestyle team can assist you with booking activities and and accomodation.

You could touch of luxury to your trip with a three course lunch at the elegant Anantara Resort or stay overnight to make the most of this untouched paradise.

Our expert team can help you with planning your trip, including assistance with accommodation, transfers and wildlife activities on Sir Bani Yas Island.

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