Things to do in the Dubai Mall beside shopping

The UAE shopping festival is renowned for its extravagance and the Dubai Mall is one of the most sought-after leisure destinations in the Middle East, attracting billions of lavish shoppers from all over the world. The mall is famous for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and the DSF dates for the upcoming festival are between 26th December 2018 to 28th January 2019. But even if you don’t want to shop when you visit the mall, you can still enjoy it as a tourist spot. Find out the several things to do as part of the Dubai sightseeing experience in the Dubai Mall beside shopping.

Watch the dancing fountains

The Dancing Fountains outside the mall is truly a special experience. To be watching an enormous fountain dance to music for the first time, next to the tallest building in the world, people cannot help but be enthralled by the view.

Play broomball on ice

Dubai Mall’s Olympic-sized ice rink is always buzzing with skaters as they show off their speed and skill throughout the day. What people may not know is that even when the mall shuts down at night, the ice rink remains lit-up for ultimate broomball games.

Fashion Avenue

An ultra-spacious fashion precinct with a captivating hydraulic catwalk, the Fashion avenue houses more than seventy flagship, and signature stores and boasts a regal collection of fashion brands under one roof.

Dubai Dino Display: 150 Million Year Old Dinosaur

The awe-inspiring bones of a whip-tailed, long-necked dinosaur that is more than 150 million years old is exhibited along with the other prehistoric creatures. It is a must-visit for visual and educational purposes.

Dubai Fountain at the Burj Khalifa Lake

The Fountain show outside the mall is frequented by thousands of tourists. The brilliant display of light and waterworks leaves people spellbound. The show takes place around 7 pm and lasts for 5 minutes per song and then a different song is played every 30 minutes.

Dubai Aquarium

Amongst all the other things to do in Dubai Mall, one can simply marvel at the huge aquarium facing Candylicious and The Cheesecake Factory. This aquarium houses over 33,000 marine animals. For your children, it might be a great visual treat.

Virtual Reality Indoor Theme Park

The VR indoor theme park is a gamer’s paradise which offers a high-tech virtual-reality area where one can undergo an augmented reality that caters satisfies your appetite for horror, leisure, sport, and adventure.

Human Waterfalls

A breath taking water feature that leaves spectators staring at the water cascades that traverses all the four levels of the mall. Embellished with artistic fibreglass sculptures of human divers, your blissful shopping spree becomes an epic sightseeing adventure.

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