Things to Do in Fujairah

Being the youngest and only emirate that lies along the Gulf of Oman on the eastern side of the UAE, Fujairah derives its name from a water spring that is located beneath the Hajar mountain ranges and occupies a significant position in the UAE. Being an exotic land, Fujairah has pleasant weather conditions, majestic mountain ranges and sun-kissed beaches. But despite such beauty, the region remains largely unexplored. The exclusivity of Fujairah’s location offers free and uninterrupted access to the major shipping routes of the world, deeming it ideal for businessmen and traders all around the world.

If you are in search of a destination that will relax your nerves and heighten your senses, book the Fujairah holiday package that will be light on your budget and will allow you to explore the fascinating souks, ancient mosques, exotic cuisines and enchanting marine life.

Fujairah city nestles the hot springs that act like a balm to the soul, has options for hiking trails that gratify your wanderlust, and is home to bustling night markets and souks that offer everything under the sun. The Gulf coastline is a mecca for divers teeming with exotic fish and coral reefs. The clear waters of the Gulf of Oman let the snorkelers discover the magical realism of the marine world.

Apart from the pristine shores and sandy beaches, Fujairah is home to splendid mosques that have inspired the architecture of the area. The Al-Bidyah Mosque located here is the oldest mosque in the UAE. Fujairah Heritage Village is replete with opportunities to unravel the local culture and know more about the history and archeological findings.

Fujairah’s cityscape is fantastic for exploring the region’s countryside. Well-known for regional sports such as wadi-bashing, the terrains are perfect for hiking and driving. Family-friendly mineral-rich spring waters at Ain al-Madhab are just a stone’s throw away from Fujairah. You may get a slice of Emirati life with a hilltop visit to the date orchards.

Fujairah is also an epicurean’s delight where distinguished chefs from all over the world assemble to present some of the most divine gourmet experiences. On the menu are some of the most celebrated cuisines from various nations along with special dishes from the Emirate itself. Be it hamour, hummus, tabbouleh or falafel, there are countless delicious staples on the menu.

Fujairah is laid-back in terms of nightlife. Glitzy bars and plush lounges offer a relaxed ambience, but the nightlife is not as exciting as the one in Dubai. Open-mic evenings, quiz nights and the usual happy hours see visitors flocking the pubs and bars.

Book yourself the Fujairah tour package and unleash the spirit of adventure like never before.

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