Things to See in Dubai

Dubai’s landscape is all about the world-renowned attractions, the remarkable landmarks that tower above the desert or magically appear in the Gulf. On a Dubai air tour you enjoy the ultimate bird’s-eye view of it all, with large viewing windows for every passenger in the seaplane. The following are unmissable on a seaplane scenic Dubai tour:

1. The world’s highest building is virtually unmissable wherever you are in Dubai. But the Burj Khalifa looks most resplendent when you’re flying alongside its 163 floors.

2. The Palm Jumeirah is far larger than most people realise, and its scale is wonderfully experienced from 1500 ft above the ground.

3. Fly over The World Islands and you get to pick out which piece of sand is your own home country.

4. Dominating the coastline, the iconic sail of the Burj Al Arab is always an evocative and inspiring photo opportunity.

5. A scenic Dubai tour effortlessly showcases how the city is built amidst the desert, with views of the dunes stretching away towards the horizon.

6. Look down and watch how the colours of the Arabian Gulf merge into the golden tones of the broad beaches.

Inspiring Activities in Dubai

Every visitor to Dubai can experience a different angle. There is no standard trail here because there’s so many directions you could take. Consider:

1. A day of skiing in the desert with penguins.
2. Luxurious afternoon tea experiences at some of the world’s leading hotels, including the Burj Al Arab.
3. A Dubai heritage trail that takes you through the traditions of the old city.
4. Escaping and rewinding with a day at one of the city’s wonderful spas.
5. A Middle Eastern food trail or fine dining at one a range of exceptional restaurants.
6. Chartering a yacht and sailing through the Arabian Gulf with a handful of close friends.
7. Exploring the world’s biggest landmarks, like accelerating to the summit of Burj Khalifa or going wild in the biggest shopping mall on the planet – the Dubai Mall.
8. Weather Chart Dubai

Dubai Places of Interest

From the outside, Dubai is defined by its world-renowned skyline and futuristic style. Yet there’s some unusual places of interest that aren’t just about glitz and glamour. The atmospheric souks next to Dubai Creek take you back in time, just like the rustic passenger boats that take you across the water. Deira is packed with remnants from the past that can keep you occupied for the whole day. But then it’s easy to slip back into the future; just gaze up at the sky and pretty much any of the gargantuan building are a Dubai place of interest. If it’s all too much then escape to the beach for a few hours of relaxing in Dubai.

The Heritage of Dubai

Scroll back to the 1930s and Dubai had no roads or electricity. So imagine the shock on the locals’ faces when a luxurious seaplane touched down on Dubai Creek. Carrying passengers from Europe, the flying boat would stop in Dubai on its hop-along route to India and Australia. The regular seaplane arrivals boosted the local economy and Dubai Creek soon blossomed. You’ll still find much of this original heritage around Deira and the Creek. It wasn’t until the 1980s when the city started resembling anything close to what it does today. Now it moves at unstoppable speed, always a new development spiralling skyward or growing out of the Arabian Gulf.

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