Must do activities in Dubai for your business travel extension

Mixing Business and leisure, has gotten its own unique term, ‘Bleisure’. Seawings Dubai understands that with monotonous work-life, we tend to forget that traveling for meetings is not really a vacation.

Sure traveling for business expands the scope of opportunities coming your way, but one needs to make the most out of this by extending plans and taking out some time and bringing in the fun element. And that’s where Seawings steps in helping you make the most of your time, serving you with a pool of tours that you may pick from. Make your boring business trip into an actual adventure filled with memories. 

Here is a list of escapades you may look for:

Seawings Signature Tour

Take off in the comfort of our Cessna seaplane and feel the adrenaline rush as you fly over Dubai attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Palm Jumeirah (the world’s largest man-made archipelago, shaped like a palm) and The World Islands. This is your guide to experiencing Dubai from a different angle, with an aerial view so clear, thanks to our large viewing windows. You may choose from our take-off locations to match your convenience, whether it’s Dubai Creek or Jebel Ali. These 45 minutes of calmness will clear your mind off of all the problems.

Seawings Snapshot Tour

Admire the unequaled views as you look out across this futuristic city with the stunning Arabian coastline, the Creek and the dramatic city landscape, framing the view.

This 20-minute tour is meant for the ones with constructed timelines. Here you get to absorb the magnificent view in a smaller time frame, helping you make the most out of your ‘business’ trip.

Seawings Dubai to The Ferrari World Tour

Post a comfortable 45 minutes of the seaplane ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, get ready for a raging experience at The Ferrari World. This is where you will experience the world’s fastest roller-coaster and above all, the real feel of being an F1 racer. 

Let the magnanimous views of Yas Marina charm you as you prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure. 

On arrival, experience the high-speed Formula Rossa, as we provide you with an all-day pass which can be bumped up to a VIP pass. 

Seawings Dubai Heritage Tour

From enjoying the aerial view of the vivid skyline to cultural burst on the ground, discover the magic of Dubai with a tour designed by the locals. This private tour is authentic and takes you back in time. Indulge in the evolution of mankind, get on the traditional ‘abra’, a unique ferry ride across Dubai Creek, take a stroll around Dubai Museum, visit the gold, spice & textile souks and so much more. Top your day with a scrumptious meal at Al Bastakia.

Dubai Private Tour

With a city offering multi-faceted diversity, there are hundreds of possible Dubai excursions. Indulge in one of the cosiest experiences by taking a Seawings seaplane charter that provides panoramic views of all the city’s architectural marvels. 

Catering to a group of nine, each guest enjoys a broad comfortable seat with a large private viewing window, which helps us provide you with uninterrupted views over the city, desert, and the sea.

Our amphibian aircraft is geared towards an enriching experience, let us fix your itinerary as you take a much-needed break during your business travels. These tours cater to the different needs of our tourists; you may lounge at the resort after a comfy seaplane tour, or bite your lips waiting to get on Formula Rossa, or travel back in time with our dedicated tour guides. Get in touch with Seawings Dubai to enquire more on how to make your work-trip memorable. 

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