Luxury Experiences in Dubai with Seawings

Dubai, being one of the most beautiful cities in the United Arab Emirates, makes a great short break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, and even sporting events. On your next trip to Dubai, try something different and add to the luxuries of your travel experience with Seawings Dubai

If you want to see Dubai from a different perspective on your next trip, you have come to the right place. How about an unmatched aerial view of the city that offers a plethora of architectural marvels from Palm Jumeirah to Burj Khalifa. If you have visited Dubai you have seen it all, but how well have you observed these gems? Here is a list of things you can look into before fixing your itinerary:

An intimate excursion with Seawings Dubai Private Tour

With hundreds of potential Dubai excursions, this one should definitely be on top of your list. Pick this luxurious and exclusive experience for the panoramic views of all the city’s architectural marvels. This private tour has space for up to nine passengers, where each guest enjoys a broad comfortable seat with a large private viewing window, meaning uninterrupted views over the city, desert, and the sea. 

Dubai’s Desert life with Seawings at Al Maha

Discover the Emirate’s native flora and fauna as you explore the unique desert landscape that is Al Maha. Start your journey on a private seaplane charter that takes you around the Dubai skyline. When you land at the Dubai Creek, a short drive away is Al Maha, where you embark on a wildlife drive with an expert field guide only to explore the Emirate’s native flora and fauna.

The site also has a historic background considering it is the largest piece of land in Dubai dedicated to conservation and rehabilitation by The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, definitely a plus if you are eco-conscious. One may also spot free-roaming herds of indigenous mammals and native reptiles to add to the thrill.

Go back in time with Seawings Private Heritage Tour of Dubai

A Seaplane journey around the skyline, in a private charter is tailor-made to make this experience all the more comfortable. Post this thrilling water take-off and landing, you’ll be transported into the past as Seawings’ expert guide shares the old city tales. Wander the old roads and explore exotic souks and Museums to get a feel of how the city was prior to modernization. 

Food is an essential part to know and understand a culture, so end this exotic trip with an authentic Arabic meal in the historic Bastakiya district.

Fly for a calming experience at Zaya Nurai with Seawings

Start with a seaplane journey and take in the astonishing views of the glistening coastline from 1500ft in the sky. As you land at the pristine waters of Zaya Nurai you have a bunch of activities to make the most of your day. This island getaway is one of the most premium island retreats in the Emirates. An ideal choice for your romantic afternoon or if time is not an issue it makes for a well needed staycation. Accessible from all the major ports in the UAE, Zaya Nurai is located in the untouched waters of the Arabian Gulf. What are you waiting for? Dive into this luxurious package with Seawings.

To gain an experience is to gain knowledge and a new perspective; with Seawings, you get a chance to explore the man-made beauty along with the god’s gift of nature. Splendid views come naturally as you peep from your personal seaplane window and explore a different side of Dubai from 1500ft in the sky. There is so much more to this culturally diverse land than you get to see.

Apart from a million things that one can do to explore Dubai these, tours have something special about them, the aerial views and comfort of a luxurious seaplane ride. Take your vacation a notch higher with Seawings. Plan and customize your trip as per your convenience and sit back and relax as everything gets aligned for your comfort.

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