Interesting things to do in Dubai today with young kids

Dubai – the glitzy, glamorous, and futuristic city – is famous for its awe-inspiring man-made wonders – Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah being prime examples. However, it owes its reputation as a perfect spot for family vacations largely to its world-class amusement parks, playhouses, adventure zones, science parks, resource centres, planetariums and nature centres. Thanks to the many interesting things to do in Dubai with kids, the city is considered a paradise for children. Of course, other than visiting children’s parks and indulging in fun activities, you may always make your Dubai family trip more memorable with a Seawings seaplane tour. The experience of being comfortably seated in cosy window seats of a Cessna seaplane and gliding past Dubai’s iconic man-made marvels will give you countless special moments to recall at all your family get-togethers.

Go through this travel guide to know the most unique places to visit in Dubai for kids.


Categorized as a play museum by the makers, OliOli has a range of innovative activities for children in Dubai. Kids will love ‘seeing’ air in action through the many interactive experiments and displays. A visual cornucopia of colourful threads called Toshi’s Nets ensures a wonderful time for the kids. In addition, kids get to play with neon orbs and even wash a vintage car! Also, they can create artworks and take them home. Call it a play space, learning centre, or kids’ workshop, this place includes some of the best things to do in Dubai for kids.

The Green Planet

Boasting the world’s largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree, The Green Planet lets the kids experience the feel of a real tropical rainforest. Housing a bio-dome at the centre, it is home to more than 3000 species of tropical fauna. Here the kids can spot Seba’s short-tailed fruit bats that help disperse the seeds, sugar gliders that fly from tree to tree, archerfishes that aim and throw water, and indolent sloths that sleep for fifteen hours a day.

Dolphin Bay

Atlantis, The Palm, houses the Dolphin Bay, which presents visitors the opportunity of swimming with the dolphins. Known as one of the most sophisticated dolphin habitats in the world, it aims at educating visitors about the importance of preserving their planet. So, when your kids pester you, asking what the things to do in Dubai today are, take them to the Dolphin Bay.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The centrally located Miracle Garden houses over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. It is indeed a miracle, made possible with the help of science, that the desert city hosts such a large variety of flora. Ranging from castles to forests, water animals to land animals, airplanes to ships, the colossal structures made from flowers are a feast for the eyes. Kids will cherish every moment they spend in this garden.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

With a capacity of 10-million litres, the Dubai Aquarium is amongst the largest suspended aquariums in the world. The aquarium has more than 33,000 varieties of aquatic animals, including the largest collection of sand tiger sharks. A 48-meter-long walk-through tunnel makes sure kids get a whole new perspective of the aquatic world. Also, the Underwater Zoo, located just above the aquarium, has another treat for your kids. It has trained otters, playful penguins, and a diverse variety of insects.

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