11 Unforgettable Things to See On a Dubai Air Tour

Dubai looks impressive from the ground, the skyscrapers towering above a city in the desert. It looks even more inspiring on a Dubai air tour. Soar above the city and you appreciate its stellar scale, stretching from Arabian Gulf to mystical sand dunes. On a Dubai air tour you’ll enjoy wonderful views over all the world-renowned landmarks.
In this blog article we follow the Seawings Silver scenic flight, revealing the 11 most unforgettable sights.

1.Dubai Creek
Taking off from Dubai Creek is imbued with a sense of history. This was where seaplanes landed in the 1930s and your first impressive sight is how the Creek winds through the heart of the city. As the seaplane swoops low you can pick out all the traditional boats that lull gently in the harbour. There’s hundreds of them, their paint peeling and their hulls rusting. Individually none of these are particularly attractive. But collectively, they create a mosaic of colours that perfectly contrast the blue of the waters.

2. The Arabian Gulf
As the seaplane reaches its 1500-ft cruising altitude it’s difficult to peel your eyes away from the Arabian Gulf. On a Dubai air tour you’re constantly reminded of how the city bends itself around the coast. The water dominates the panorama, revealing a scale that dwarfs even the tallest Dubai skyscraper. Look down and it’s deep blue everywhere, but look closely and you can pick out the individual wisps of white, the small waves that roll onto the beach all day every day.

3. The Dubai Skyscrapers
On this Dubai air tour you first follow the coast, sweeping above the Gulf and the long beaches. Look across and you enjoy the first impressive sight of the Burj Khalifa. Yet at this point of the journey, the thing to see is the concoction of skyscrapers that dominate the city’s heart. From a distance you can appreciate how Dubai isn’t just one remarkable tower. It’s dozens of them, all packed closely together as they rise high above the desert.

4. The Burj Al Arab
Now the elegant sail of the world’s first seven-star hotel, an expanse of shimmering white that commands the coastline. The Burj Al Arab is amongst the ultimate things to see on a Dubai air tour, a building of innovative style and majestic scale. Cruising at 1500 ft means you’re close enough to enjoy its detail, like the helipad which was once a tennis court for a match between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer.

5. Traditional Arabic Architecture
The city stretches along the coastline, with a large expanse of low-rise buildings filling the space between the towers of the city centre and the residential area around the Palm. During these few minutes you enjoy pristine views of traditional Arabic architecture, the seaplane cruising above large suburbs of whitewashed villas. It’s the classic modern oasis, with date palms and waterways winding around the low-rise buildings.

6. The Palm Jumeirah
Now The Palm, the great manmade expression of innovation that rises from the Arabian Gulf. This is arguably the most impressive things to see on a Dubai air tour. The shape is memorable, a broad skyscraper-lined trunk fanning out into branches of villas and coastal resorts. But it’s the scale that lingers forever in the memory. Only when viewed from the air can you truly appreciate just how big the Palm Jumeirah is. The bird’s-eye view creates an enhanced admiration for the architectural and engineering innovation that made it all possible. And it’s a wonderfully evocative photograph of Dubai’s futuristic vision.

7. The Palm Jebel Ali
After you cross the Palm Jumeirah you glimpse the next generation of artificial island building. The Palm Jebel Ali is a third bigger than its neighbour, although there’s very little development on it. You can grasp the scale of the future; return to Dubai many years from now and this sight will look completely different. As an alternative to Dubai Creek, the Seawings Silver experience also departs from Dubai Jebel Ali. This route also provides intimate views of the few hotels and buildings that currently grace this palm.

8. The Colours of the Desert
As the plane loops around you’re above the outskirts of Dubai, gazing out onto endless miles of untrammelled desert. Whirls of sand cascade towards the horizon and there’s a phenomenal sense of the desert’s space. Looking back towards the city you marvel at the manmade oasis in the desert, the cityscape surrounded by untouched nature and wilderness. The colour of the desert depends on the time of your Dubai air tour. These dunes bring different tones as the sun crosses the sky, with morning and late-afternoon seaplane flights delivering a soft red hue.

9. Dubai Marina
On a 15-minute Dubai air tour you get a glimpse of the city. You feverishly take photos of the landmarks before returning to land. 40 minutes allows you to relax and not live the whole experience through your camera screen. As you return towards Dubai Creek you pass many of the same sights for a second time, including the resplendent Burj Khalifa. You soar above Dubai Marina the world’s highest residential area, a redolent collection of skyscrapers that each bring their inimitable style to the landscape. Look closely and you can make out the scorched black towards the summit of The Flame, caused by a big fire on New Year’s Eve 2015.

10. The World Artificial Islands
Glimpsed from a distance, The World Islands are just a series of sandbanks in the Arabian Gulf. But with a bird’s-eye view you can understand the artistic concept behind it all. With a Seawings Silver flight you soar directly above The World. Look down and pick out the continents, then focus on the small bamboo shacks that stand on some of the islands. Officially, only a couple of the islands are inhabited, but you’ll find some aerial evidence that suggests otherwise. With this Dubai air tour you get to pick out your own country, something that always brings chatter amongst the passengers. Is this Germany? Wait, no, that’s England so this one over here must be Germany!

11. The Burj Khalifa
Finally the pinnacle, in more ways than one. Returning towards Dubai Creek you glide past the most anticipated thing to see on a Dubai air tour. Dominating the cityscape is the Burj Khalifa, its summit standing far higher than the 1500-ft cruising altitude. If you visit the viewing platform of the Burj Khalifa you’ll enjoy great views over Dubai. But you don’t get to see the most impressive building, because you’re already standing it. The panorama from a seaplane includes everything, so the sight of the Burj Khalifa offers a poignant final memory from this Dubai air tour.

All these sights can be seen on a 40-minute Seawings Silver experience.

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