10 ways to commute in Dubai

Dubai is a city where anything goes, and when it comes to commuting the sky is your limit! Whether you’re on a budget or money is no object, here’s our list of 10 ways to commute in Dubai.
1. Walk
Actually we were just kidding, no one walks in Dubai, especially in summer. And there are so many other ways to travel that will get you there faster.
2. Bike
Dubai is slowly getting more bike friendly with new cycle tracks popping up throughout the city. Dubai’s Metro stations all have bike parking too, so you can easily connect to the system. Just remember to wear a helmet (it’s compulsory here) and lock your bike securely.
3. Taxi
This wouldn’t be a ’10 ways to commute in Dubai’ list without taxi. You can’t step outside without spotting at least five tan coloured RTA taxis. Some drivers are less experienced, so it’s a good idea to check the route first. Just don’t get caught out at 4pm when it’s time for shift change.
4. Metro
The Dubai Metro system spans 75 km with the majority of the route shadowing Dubai’s main highway. There are carriages dedicated for women and children, as well as VIP carriages up front. Go gold class, get a drivers’ eye view (these trains are driverless so this cabin gets the best view) and seat yourself on luxurious leather! The Metro does tend to be more crowded around peak travel times, so if you are in cattle class be prepared to get up close and personal to your fellow passengers.
5. Water Taxi
Sail to work on Dubai’s new RTA Water Taxi service which connects locations along the Dubai Canal, Jumeirah, The Palm and Dubai Marina. You can book via the website, or simply jump on the Dubai Ferry which has several sailings per day to a few key stations.
6. Careem or Uber
Careem is Dubai’s home-grown driver service, allowing you to book a range of private cars as well as RTA taxis, plus you have the flexibility to pay by card or cash. Simply download the app and yallah! Uber is equally popular, particularly with travellers who already have the app.
7. Chauffeured limousine
Nothing says sophistication like being chauffeured to your destination in a limousine. Get complimented on your impeccable style, take those business calls like a boss and put the V in VIP. You deserve it.
8. Abra
The traditional Abra boats have been in Dubai since the city was founded, get across Dubai canal for as little as 1 Dirham and experience a colourful slice of the city’s past. And, at only 1 Dirham per trip they are friendly on the pocket too. Quintessentially Dubai this is a must do on our 10 ways to commute in Dubai list.
9. Helicopter
You need to get to work fast, and this being Dubai you need to avoid traffic. Take the chopper! Fly through the sky like an army commando because you mean business. You’ll just need to make sure you have a helipad convenient otherwise landing may prove difficult.
10. Seaplane
Make a serious splash with and arrive via seaplane! Soar through the air, relax while taking in the scenery and enjoy the spray rainbows from the water when you land. Step off the plane and arrive like the classy gentleman or lady that you are – we guarantee everyone else will be jealous. This is our top pick from our list of 10 ways to commute in Dubai.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 ways to commute in Dubai – can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments below.

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