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How to plan an extra special wedding proposal in Dubai

When planning an extra special wedding proposal in Dubai there are a few things you can do to make that moment perfect. The most important thing you need to do is plan ahead so that everything goes smoothly.

how to plan an extra special wedding proposalWe’ve put together a handy checklist to help you deliver the ultimate proposal. While this list isn’t failsafe, it should help you plan for an extra special wedding proposal where she says yes.

How to plan an extra special wedding proposal in Dubai

1. Test the waters
Is she really your dream girl? Are you her dream guy? Have you talked about getting married? It’s a good idea to float the idea subtly before you splash out on an engagement ring. Talk to a friend about it too, they often have a good sense of whether she’s the right one for you. Just make sure you choose someone who can keep a secret, you don’t want them to ruin your extra special wedding proposal.

2. Talk to her family
Asking for her father (or mother’s or brother’s) blessing is the right thing to do. It also lays the foundation for a healthy relationship with her family, after all they’re going to become your family too.

3. Get the ring right
This ring should be worn for a lifetime, and likely to be expensive. It’s ok to have your girlfriend involved in ring selection, you’re going to be investing some serious cash! Head to the store together to browse. You’ll soon get an idea of what she likes, she may even want to select it herself. If you are choosing the ring by yourself you can request a ring size chart from the jeweller and match one of her rings to the chart, or borrow one of her rings and get it sized – check to make sure it’s worn on the right finger.

4. Plan your special moment
This is the fun part – think about things she loves, or a special moment you shared. If she loves the ocean how about a romantic beach proposal at sundown. If you met on holiday what about a return to that place and taking in a seaplane tour from the sky? Are you foodies? Book in for an intimate meal at the best place in town. Does she love pampering? Surprise her with a spa day. Looking for a little privacy? How about a luxury stay-cation at a five star hotel? For a truly extra special wedding proposal – how about a private seaplane charter to an exclusive resort – Zaya Nurai Island is the ultimate romantic getaway. Just don’t forget the ring!

5. After she says yes – celebrate!
It’s not just about when and how you pop the question, but what you do afterwards. Arrange a special dish or luxury hamper for you to share after you’ve popped the question, and relax somewhere cosy. Both of you will be buzzing with the good news. This is the time to really splash out and make this an extra special wedding proposal in Dubai.

If you’re looking to make that moment extra special and propose in the UAE, why not charter a Seawings seaplane for that special moment? We can help arrange the limousine and have the bubbles ready and waiting for you just after you land.

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