What’s the difference between chartered and commercial flights?

There are so many options for air travel these days with an abundance of airlines and charters offering a wide range of flights. Increasingly there are more private charter flights available to book.Traditionally these flights have been associated with the super-wealthy and royalty.

However with changes in the travel market, the pricing has become more affordable.

What is a commercial flight?

A commercial flight is operated by a commercial airline. These flights run to a regular schedule, and people or groups can buy seats on that flight. For example on Mondays, Emirates has 20 scheduled flights from Dubai to London.

What is a charter flight?

A charter flight is when a person, group or company hire an entire aircraft for a specific journey. The flight schedule, take-off and landing locations are not set, so will be according to what is agreed between the hirer and the company providing the flight.

Safety standards and procedures on both commercial and charter flights are the same, so you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands on both options.

So what’s the difference between chartered and commercial flights?

Location flexibility –

Often charter flights are on smaller aircraft that can take off and land at more locations, giving people more flexibility as to where they travel to and from.

Personalized service – 

The check-in process is also much faster than a commercial flight, and there’s no chance of overbooking. You’ll also enjoy much more personalised service on a charter flight for your group. This is probably the biggest difference between chartered and commercial flights.

Luxury and comfort of your own plane – 

Our charters can cover both scenic flights – such as aerial tours of a city – and flights from one location to another. There’s also the comfort in having the plane to yourself, which is a real luxury. And, the cabin interiors are typically more luxurious than on a usual commercial airline.

Price difference – 

While a charter flight will be more expensive than what’s offered on a commercial flight, the actual price difference can be surprisingly small.

We hope we’ve helped you answer the question - what’s the difference between chartered and commercial flights.

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