The Romance of Seaplane Travel

Who hasn’t been fascinated with the romance of seaplanes? Imagined themselves splashing down on a white sandy beach, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or perhaps landing on a the glassy waters of a mountain lake? In a time when air travel is a necessity, seaplanes still evoke the romance of the golden age of aviation.

Air Travel has undoubtedly made the world a much smaller place. In less than a century, it has cut the time it takes to travel around the globe from weeks to mere hours.

The Golden Age of Seaplane Travel: Then and Now

Back in the days, flying was something entirely different. A special occasion, something to get dressed up for, an exciting and unique experience, hence being known as the “Golden Age.” Passengers would gather for group photos before boarding the plane, (not too unlike today).

The world’s original mode of luxury air travel Seaplanes have always celebrated the pinnacle of luxury travel. Back in the 1930’s, the flying boats resembled a gentleman’s club in the sky. Passengers would be accommodated in a club type cabin and would always be dressed

for the occasion. Rising early each morning they would join their flying boat for each sector of their long journey. Each night would be spent in an exotic location from Europe, to Egypt to Dubai Creek and thence to India and Australia

Eighty years after the first flying boat service landed on Dubai Creek, Seawings offers an opportunity to experience travel by seaplane and explore less visited corners of the UAE. Why not retrace history on your very own seaplane voyage in Dubai?

The Seaplane Experience: Described

It’s an intoxicating cocktail: exploring the magnificent cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi by seaplane. Seawings Seaplane Tours is the Middle East’s only seaplane operator and it is now in its 12th year of operation. Highly rated by tourism sites as a “must do” activity – it’s a special travel experience.

This is a high quality, luxury experience – whether you’re looking for a scenic tour or a private charter flight, this flight guarantees memories for life.

Prior to boarding your luxury, modern, quiet and spacious Cessna seaplane our Guest Services team will brief you on what to expect. Your Captain will introduce himself and advise you on the planned flight routing as well providing you with a professional, relaxed but comprehensive safety briefing.

After engine start the seaplane will taxi out onto the water – at this point the seaplane is like a boat. The take-off is quite special, the water from the aircraft floats starts to cascade backwards in a brilliant spray. In just a few seconds the aircraft is in the air. Quite an experience!!

As the seaplane climbs into the air a sublime panorama begins to unfold. Flying at a height of 1500 feet, you soar over Dubai attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Palm Jumeirah (the world’s largest man made archipelago, shaped like a palm) and The World IslandsIf in Abu Dhabi see the exquisite domes that rise across the Emirates palace, the gorgeous stretches of mangrove forests and the stunning beaches of Yas Island.

As the seaplane begins to touch the water, landing so gently you can’t feel it, you again see the spray start to fly backwards off the aircraft floats.

After disembarkation cherish your special moments with a Seawings Captains Log and Flight Certificate signed individually by your Captain!

Seawings Seaplanes Tours has flights available for booking 7 days a week and throughout the year.

This year enjoy a fantastic, unique experience or, why not give the perfect gift – memories that last a life time – with a Seawings Seaplane gift voucher.

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