Celebrating Women @ Seawings

Whilst International Women’s Day marks an historic focal point in the movement for women’s rights, it’s a day to celebrate the invaluable contribution of women to society – socially, domestically and more importantly than ever – in the workplace.
From the glitzy bygone era of the 1930’s ‘flying boats’, to the sophisticated concept of today’s Seawings flight experiences – women have always had a fond appreciation of luxury flying. Fast forward almost a century and not only do they account for a great majority of passengers – they are dominating the industry.

Their instrumental impact stretches far further than the role of a pilot – they influence essential operational activity, break the boundaries of innovative strategy and continue to inspire a whole generation of females eager to ‘make-it’ in an industry once reserved exclusively for their male counterparts.

Move aside Amelia Earhart! Here are three of Seawings most successful female employees sharing some of their stories, insights, experiences and career advice for aspiring women keen to enter the industry…
Prerna Challu, CEO of Seawings parent company ACI Aviation Pvt. Ltd didn’t expect to find her vocation in aviation, “it’s an industry I have genuinely grown to love” she says. Having spent the last 12 years in Dubai, the Indian born aviation superpower says “generally people that you meet and work with come with a lot of tenacity, a technically sound background and a no-nonsense attitude to work. The perspective is always global – even in the smallest of companies. There is homogeneity and at the same time an aspirational influence in the way things work.”

Working for Seawings is rewarding because it gives her the freedom to perform and strive for excellence. It’s not surprising then that her advice to wannabe industry executives is that “there is no substitute for hard work. Know your stuff and work hard!”

Kenyan Jane Kagwi has envisioned an occupation in aviation since she was a young girl and having started her career at Seawings as a Guest Services Executive – she has rapidly progressed to the instrumental role of Operations Controller.
Despite her proudest career moment being that of when she received her flight dispatch license after just two months – her most rewarding experience was becoming a mum. She is at her happiest when making a positive impact on the passenger experience and believes that to make it in this industry you have to “follow your heart and trust in yourself. Dream BIG then materialize your dreams”.

Nasheeja Thevarnish is the Deputy Continuing Airworthiness Manager and Jet Operations Controller and is renowned for taking pride in everything she does. Originally from India, she has always enjoyed being different and different her career certainly is! After a high school visit to Hindustan Aeronautical Museum, she immediately envisioned a career in aviation.
Her favorite thing about her job is exposure to all aspects of airline operations and says that the most important part about joining the airline industry is to “believe in yourself. Be your own best friend and be your own source of motivation”.
Make the most of International Women’s Day and celebrate your female loved ones with a Seawings flight experience. Take it from us – it’s hard to put into words the sensation of soaring high enough above the city of Dubai to see it from a new and mesmerizing perspective, but low enough to appreciate its beautiful yet intricate details. Combine this with a unique day excursion and explore an undiscovered world of nature, adventure and lifestyle.

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