A Snapshot of What Life Is Like As A Seawings Seaplane Pilot?

To Fly Is A Childhood Dream

Growing up, many kids dream of becoming pilots, soaring among the clouds and experiencing the freedom of a bird. As they grow older, those dreams often fade and they end up following different paths. But for a lucky few, those childhood dreams become a reality. Our passionate Seawings Seaplane pilots are some prime examples of this.  We spoke with a few of them to get insight into their lives, what drives them and what it’s like working at Seawings in United Arab Emirates.

Why our pilots chose this career?

These answers varied from pilot to pilot; however, the common thread among them was a passion for flying that was instilled at a young age. One of our pilots mentioned that he was “always fascinated by airplanes” while another said, “an office with a view is better than a desk job.” The answer that most captured us was:

As a young boy growing up in New Zealand, I was exposed to nature a lot. Seaplanes connect many fascinating locations and I was intrigued by that.”

We were inspired by this answer since it resonates with our belief that Seawings connects people to places in a unique and thrilling way.

What do our Seawings Seaplane Pilots love about being in Dubai and the UAE

Anyone who has ever lived in the United Arab Emirates knows full well all the benefits of living in such a vibrant, modern, diverse and culturally rich environment, not to mention that your salary is tax-free. When we posed this question to our pilots, they had some other interesting things to add, but one pilot summarized it all:

“Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city, one that embraces everyone. It’s comfortable, safe and exciting at the same time. There are perks you get living in Dubai – beautiful weather all year round, good leisure lifestyle, and a tax-free salary.”

How is working for Seawings Seaplane Tours different?

This is where, as a seaplane tour operator, we try to differentiate ourselves as much as we can. Over the years we have paid close attention to the operating environments of our pilots and built a new hangar, complied and exceeded all regulatory requirements, fostered a good work-life balance, and provided a great degree of opportunity for personal and professional growth. Most importantly though, we have worked to develop a culture where family comes first.

Here are a couple of answers from our pilots that reinforce what we have tried to achieve since being established in 2007:

“The company focuses on the growth of each person, as per their strengths and interests, i.e. a pilot who joined less than a year ago has been given the portfolio for Safety Officer.”

“The business is growing so you know you are working with a stable operator.”

What are the best things about working for Seawings Seaplane Tours?

We believe the biggest privilege of working at Seawings Seaplane Tours is the people we get to work with and the customers we get to serve. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us coming back each and every day. Our pilots pointed out a few other privileges that they get to enjoy:

“We get two days off every week and we fly during daylight hours, so that’s a plus. There is no overnight flying and; therefore, no jet lag to contend with.”

“We work with people from all over the world. The team is young and energetic, while at the same time, being professional and knowledgeable about the processes. We are the only seaplane tour operator in the Middle East, so we get to set the benchmark for the operations.”

“Dubai attracts over 15 million tourists a year and we get a fair chunk of that. This means that every day we meet new and interesting people, interact with them and learn from them.”

“The locations we operate from have a relaxed leisure feel to them. Seawings is attached to renowned resorts or golf courses, so it’s a great environment.”


These pilots who have followed their childhood dreams and found their path in aviation are part of the lucky few who get to make a living doing the very thing they are most passionate about. Working for Seawings Seaplane Tours has provided a plethora of wonderful opportunities for these aviators to explore new and exciting locations while still developing their skills in the air as well as in other aspects of the industry. Our pilots love what they do and are an amazing group of professionals who have dedicated their lives to their profession. We welcome each and every one of our passengers to get to know them and, if you are passionate about flying, perhaps you too will one day be a pilot for Seawings.

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