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Dubai Helicopter Tour Price Comparison

When considering scenic tours it’s important to look at all the options, and sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. One of the big factors is cost. So what’s the Dubai helicopter tour price vs seaplane Dubai price?

We’ve put together the handy table below: (All prices shown are for adult fares.)

TimingSeawings seaplane toursHelicopter tours in Dubai
12-15 minute flightN/AAED 675 pp
20-25 minute flightAED 895 ppAED 995 -1,250pp
40-50 minute flightAED 1,780pp*
*Includes complimentary luxury road transfers and refreshments
*Also available as a charter flight for AED 9,975 total, or 1,108.33 pp based on maximum occupancy of nine
AED 1,575* – 1,750
*Note this per person charge is based on maximum occupancy of six,  some operaters only offer as a charter flight so you must hire the entire helicopter for AED 9,450
60 minute flightN/AAvailable as Charter only AED 12,850
(AED 2,142pp)

Both seaplane and helicopter flights will take similar flight routes across the city, and will be designed to take in the most iconic landmarks and attractions. But, when you’re just looking at the Dubai helicopter tour price vs seaplane Dubai price you’re not going to get the full story.

Other important considerations include take-off locations, maximum group size and overall experience. Little luxuries such as tea or coffee on arrival or a complimentary pick-up can also add that extra special something to your journey.

– Seawings seaplane tours have two main take-off points, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Jebel Ali Beach Hotel
– Helicopter tours typically take off from Nassimi Beach on the Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina

Maximum flight capacity
– Seawings has a maximum capacity of nine passengers in total
– Helicopter tours have a maximum capacity of five to six passengers in total

Flight experience
Seaplane tours offer a spacious cabin with luxury leather seats, and every seat is a guaranteed window seat. The cabin is quiet and you can easily talk to friends and family during the flight. You’ll experience an exhilarating water take-off and landing.

For helicopter tours the cabin is smaller, and only the outside seats are guaranteed window seats. It’s a fully immersive and noisy environment, it’s not easy to talk so you must communicate via radio and headsets.

Hopefully you should now have all the information you need to make a decision on the Dubai helicopter tour price vs seaplane Dubai price, and remember cost isn’t the only thing to consider.

Fly with us!
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