August and September in Abu Dhabi-Seawings

August and September in Abu Dhabi

It’s amazing how much diversity you can find at Abu Dhabi’s events venues in August and September. Comedy, theatre, music, summer sports camps, smartphone photography workshops

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Brunch in Dubai – What, When, Why and Where-Seawings

Brunch in Dubai – What, When, Why and Where

Brunch in Dubai is as iconic as the Burj Khalifa or the Palm Jumeirah. It’s a classic experience, one that’s a favourite of locals and visitors alike. But what is brunch in Dubai? Why is it so famous? And where does it all happen?

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March in Dubai-Seawings

March in Dubai

Drama and charm is embedded through the world’s richest day of horse racing. There’s a wonderful elegance and glamour to the Dubai World Cup – and we’re only talking about the audience at the moment.

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April in Dubai-Seawings

April in Dubai

It’s hip, it’s chic, and it’s full of the latest creations from the world’s top designers. The Middle East’s leading fashion event is back, providing the definitive platform to what everyone will be wearing in about three months time.

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33 Ideas for a Dubai Holiday-seawings

33 Ideas for a Dubai Holiday

Dubai is an inspiring holiday destination. There’s almost too much to do and too much to see. Every angle is a postcard and every mile brings a new experience. The question isn’t usually what to do on a Dubai holiday. It’s how to make the most of the time you have.

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11 Unforgettable Things to See On a Dubai Air Tour-Seawings

11 Unforgettable Things to See On a Dubai Air Tour

Dubai looks impressive from the ground, the skyscrapers towering above a city in the desert. It looks even more inspiring on a Dubai air tour. Soar above the city and you appreciate its stellar scale, stretching from Arabian Gulf to mystical sand dunes

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What to do for Mother’s Day in Dubai-Seawings

What to do for Mother’s Day in Dubai: Top ten list 2018

There’s nothing like being a mum, it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in the world! Mother’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to recognising all the love and support she gives, and at the very least is a great opportunity to catch up with your mum.

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Dubai Family Holiday Tips-Seawings

Dubai Family Holiday Tips

Dubai inspires. The world’s tallest building, sand dunes dappled with strange antelopes, attractions that are bigger and brighter than anywhere else in the world. It’s a destination that excites and compels children.

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