Uncover Verdant Coastline of Ajman on a Kayaking Trip

The smallest of the seven Emirates, Ajman is much like the tiny pearl within the oyster. The Emirate has a rich cultural history and inspiring landscapes to explore. The gorgeous mangrove forests and lagoons are popular haunts for wildlife, even pink flamingos are drawn to its waters

This wonderful day tour is the best way to explore the gorgeous Emirate by seaplane and kayak. This is a perfect day out for a family – the breath-taking aerial views are something that you will remember forever!

Simply relax and enjoy sweeping views of the shoreline as we take-off from the glistening waters of the historic Dubai Creek. After engine start the seaplane will taxi out onto the water – at this point the seaplane is like a boat. The take-off is quite special, the water from the aircraft floats starts to cascade backwards in a brilliant spray. In just a few seconds the aircraft is in the air. Quite an experience!! You’ll pass over the colourful ports of Dubai and Sharjah before gently touching down at Al Zorah Marina.

The Al Zorah nature reserve is a tidal lagoon, or khor, an inland creek that extends over 2 square kilometres of biologically and ecologically rich wetland. Home to the fish nursery of the coast, the creek and mangrove are designated as conservation areas, and Al Zorah commits to preserving their ecosystems and promoting their magnificence. A large variety of rare or migratory bird species can be found in the various parts of Al Zorah lagoon and mangroves. The area had been shut off for nearly seven years to allow the protected wetlands to thrive into a rich biological ecosystem. Today, there are 58 species of birds and over 100 types of flora flourishing in the diverse environment.

Al Zorah is also fast becoming an adventure destination for thrill-seekers. Water sports, including expeditions into the mangroves, allow tourists and UAE residents alike to explore activities that take them beyond the concrete jungle.

Once you are in the mangroves you get a chance to see wild birds as they swoop close to the water and red-clawed crabs which are the ‘keystone species’ in the mangrove forest, feeding on the leaves and in turn, fertilising the soil. The highlight is of course the year-round pink flamingos, in the shallower part of the creek.

The air feels clean and fresh, it is almost surreal.

This trip will give you the opportunity to get close to nature (being at arm’s length from beautiful flamingos), learn about some of nature’s secrets apart and learn some kayak skills! This isn’t just a been an adventure – it is an education.

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