Discover Hidden Gems of Dubai City on a Private Tour

As the doors open to your exclusive luxury vehicle and you step inside the air conditioned cabin, your excitement begins to build as you realise that life is good and today is all about living. Taking a private luxury tour of Dubai or discovering one of the hidden gems of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is something that very few people get to experience. From the uniqueness of Sir Bani Yas Island to the exotic souks of old Dubai, Seawings Seaplane Tours has something more than the ordinary; we have something quite extraordinary.

Discover Dubai

As you pull up to your location, relaxed and ready for the next chapter in your private tour of Dubai, the doors open to friendly smiles and you are greeted by name, effortlessly escorted through the check in procedure for your exclusive plane charter and transported to the glistening Seawings seaplane that patiently awaits you on the dock. Step inside the seaplane cabin and settle in for a flight of fancy; every seat is yours, from back to front, from left to right, the choice is up to you. Soar over the skies of Dubai, marvel at the icons, revel in the water take-off and landing and make memories that will last a lifetime.

With adrenaline high, moods enhanced and smiles all-round, you disembark your private seaplane tour of Dubai and begin a new journey of discovery on Dubai’s waterways. The friendly and knowledgeable Seawings’ guide takes you and your guests on an enlightening adventure of Dubai’s past. As you meander through the historic streets, stop as you please to lighten the load, enter that store the piques your interest, or partake in a beverage that quenches your thirst; your guide is there for you and life is good.

Private Charters to UAE Gems

It’s an exciting new day and you’ve decided to experience places in far off lands with your partner in life. Your private charter flight awaits you as you alight your luxury vehicle. You’ve chosen to explore the UAE by taking a majestic blue sky flight over open turquoise waters to the uniquely beautiful Sir Bani Yas Island. You wanted to be on the island by lunchtime to enjoy a sumptuous meal, so you arranged an early morning departure; a timing that is exclusively set aside for the two of you. Sit side-by-side on the rich leather bench seat at the rear of your private seaplane charter flight and soar across open skies towards your luxurious destination.

Touch down on the calm waters of Sir Bani Yas Island and get whisked away on ninety-minute private tour of this diverse island that is home to over 13,000 animal species. Stop for a minute and savour the moment with your partner. After you’ve enjoyed an expertly prepared meal, take a walk on the beach and spend a moment with your loved one. You’ve chosen to book a return charter flight to Dubai, so you settle back into your bench seat for another magical private seaplane charter.

Connecting the United Arab Emirates

It’s easy to see why a private seaplane charter is the best way to explore the UAE. Our Seawings Seaplane Tours seamlessly connect parts of the country that were previously out of reach for the average traveler. Hidden gems like Snoopy Island, the Fjords of Musandam and Zaya Nurai Island are now easily within reach through our expertly prepared Day Excursions by Private Seaplane. We’ve only provided you with a glimpse of the plethora of options that await you when you decide to take the ultimate private tour experience with us. We thrive on being able to provide unparalleled service and would be delighted to work with you to customise your experience so that you can explore Dubai, Abu Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah or Musandam like never before.

Benefit of Seawings Private Tours

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefit to Seawings Private Tours. We’ve taken the liberty to highlight a few of these benefits that our 1000’s of delighted customers have enjoyed over many years:

● Luxury vehicle transportation
● Private seaplane tour for up to 8 people
● Customizable packages to suit any occasion
● Private tours and experiences effortlessly arranged on your behalf
● Our teams provide solutions that are all-inclusive. You just need to arrive and enjoy

Seawings Private Seaplane Tours is here to be your partner in exploring parts unknown and connecting you to where you want to be. We know we will see you soon and we look forward to creating memories with you. The journey doesn’t end when we say goodbye; the journey ends when you decide it does.

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