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For many long-established and progressive businesses, offering incentives has long been used as an effective management solution. Well-thought-out ones, such as travel incentives, have been proven to work in attracting promising applicants, and more so in increasing employee engagement, motivation, and retention.

Great Value for the Company and Employees

Any employee will tell you that getting a high-value “reward” (such as a scenic tour to an exotic destination via seaplane) for their excellent performance at work is something to look forward to. It helps them feel acknowledged and appreciated. At the same time, it boosts career confidence because they believe that the provision is a demonstration of a company’s commitment to progress.

It’s worth noting that incentives offer double-sided advantages. It’s not just the employees that benefit from them; companies also have much to gain from their rewards and incentives program. Through such a provision, the employees gather experiences and lessons that can contribute to the company’s goals. Likewise, it can foster a culture of positive performance, which is vital for operational longevity.

Travel Incentives Are the Best

As far as incentives go, many genuinely consider travel incentives to be the most valuable. And of course, some of these incentives are undoubtedly better than others. If your company is looking to provide your high-performing employees with travel incentives, consider the top four picks below.

1. A Wellness-Focused Escape

This is a fantastic idea for top employees. The best performers in your company deal with tremendous pressure and may be more prone to stress and illnesses. Thus, the opportunity to relax and reinvigorate themselves is sure to be well-deserved and perfectly appealing for them. In Dubai, there are fancy wellness facilities that offer everything from yoga sessions to spa treatments to nutritious gourmet meals and meditation classes, as well as consultations with health professionals.

You can hire corporate incentive specialists to design a wellness trip as a travel incentive. Make sure that it’s a hassle-free program and that all recipients have to do is show up.

2. A Luxurious Adventure

Provide your best performers with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they may not be likely to invest in themselves, such as a seaplane tour with their family. If their incentive is overseas travel, include this extraordinary experience as a grand way for them to see amazing sights and visit exciting destinations.

When it comes to seaplane tours, Seawings is the trusted name in the UAE. We offer a variety of leisure tours for our clients. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai, in particular, is a popular provision for high-adrenaline activity enthusiasts. This seaplane tour presents the opportunity to ride Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Another luxury seaplane tour we organize is the Zaya Nurai Island Day Trip. With this one, incentive recipients will get to travel via seaplane and spend a day at the gorgeous Nurai Island for a day of relaxation and fun water activities such as paddle boarding, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and so much more.

3. A Gastronomic Getaway

A food getaway is another ideal travel incentive program for the gastronomes in your company. Set up a food tour out of town or even abroad. Some of the best places to visit are Osaka for its street food, Napa Valley for its wine, Taipei for its dimsum and dumplings, Paris for its pastries, and Gruyères for its cheese.

You can make arrangements for a convenient food crawl and work in food-centered events such as wine and cheese tasting or a regional food expo.

While this travel incentive program focuses on food, it is also an excellent chance for your employees to broaden their worldly knowledge further. Perhaps, they may even learn unique processes that the thriving food and beverage industries in other countries use, which may be applicable to your company.

4. A Professional Enhancement Trip

Another top travel incentive for deserving employees is a trip to a place where they can learn new skills or polish existing ones straight from the experts. Grant this incentive to those who show great promise and are being groomed for better positions within your organization.

Identify the masters in your industry and find out if they are offering master classes, seminars, or retreats that your employees can join. You could enhance this wonderful opportunity with luxury services. For example, arrange for a stay at a 5-star hotel and air transport from the accommodation to the event venue. Seawings offers solutions that transport corporate groups to waterfront venues.

Those are our top four ideas for the most valuable travel incentives to serve your company’s goal of attracting and retaining employees. To make them even more desirable and motivating rewards, incentive specialists recommend adding the following perks:

  • Complete transportation arrangements, such as a chauffeur-driven vehicle for the whole trip
  • Personal time
  • Pocket money

Tip: For travel incentives, it’s best to go big. You want them to be seen as rare opportunities that no one should pass up. As such, it helps for your company to have a thorough evaluation system to establish the worthiness of the performance delivered by your employees. Employ the complete participation of executives and other key leaders in the organization, not only in assessing performance, but also in emphasizing the value of the incentive program.

In creating travel incentives, you can count on Seawings. Not only do we have an extensive selection of seaplane tour packages, but we are likewise known for our meticulously designed corporate activities. Get in touch with us for the best tour and activity packages that your business can use.

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