Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery
Abu Dhabi Discovery


Discover the City: Private Abu Dhabi City Tour From Dubai

There is something eminently dazzling about Abu Dhabi’s enduring vibe that draws travellers to the cultural extravaganza of the city. Both new and old mingle seamlessly to offer soul stirring experiences to anyone who sets to explore the city. A breathtaking water take-off from Dubai’s waters and landing at Abu Dhabi’s is just a slice of an exciting day on the personalised Seawings tour. The guests take off on a private jet from Dubai to Abu Dhabi; from Dubai Creek, they get a spectacular eagle’s eye view of manmade marvels like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. The Abu Dhabi private tour includes a stunning view of the buzzing city below and the pristine offshore islands in the middle of the emerald ocean before landing.

The rest of the day is spent in the company of a knowledgeable Seawings guide who offers an exclusive tour with insights into the history and current life in Abu Dhabi, while ensuring that you get a local flavour of the city through its historical buildings and cuisine. Visit the largest mosque in the country, the serene Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, stroll along the breezy Corniche, and sip the ‘Royal’ coffee at the Emirates Palace. Abu Dhabi is an ultra-modern city in charge of writing its own new-age chronicles – whether it’s the indefatigable verve, soothing courtyards of mosques or busy shopping centers. A private seaplane trip to see Abu Dhabi landmarks, is a day spent well in luxury.

  • Departure

  • Landing

    Abu Dubai
  • Flight

    45 minutes
  • Total
    Tour Duration

    5 hours
  • Price
    on request

Discover the experiences we have designed for you

To create everlasting memories

I. Luxury Private Seaplane Tour

An inimitable private seaplane charter experience with personalised hospitality.

Luxury Private Seaplane Tour

II. Personal Guide

A private tour of the city with a knowledgeable guide in a luxury vehicle.

Personal Guide

III. Discover Abu Dhabi

An opportunity to immerse in the history of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on a special tour.

Discover Abu Dhabi

IV. Superlative Culinary Experience

Sip the ‘24k Emirates Palace Gold Cappuccino’, complete with gold flakes sprinkled over the foam.

Superlative Culinary Experience

V. Upgrade for More

Upgrade to add Louvre, the art museum with exquisite collections from all over the world.

Upgrade for More

Discover Dubai

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Bright and bustling Dubai is an ideal reflection of a city with historical roots and progressive cosmopolitan flair existing seamlessly. The architectural feats, show-stopping events, ancient neighbourhood, dramatic landscapes make it a top choice for travellers across the world. The contrasting experiences of sky-high glass buildings, a vibrant nightlife scene and traditional Abra boats still cruising down the Dubai Creek makes it one of the most characterful cities of the world.

Join us in discovering the different hues of Dubai, the rest of the UAE and Oman with trips rooted in seaplane charters.

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Abu Dhabi Discovery

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